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Gadgets, gadgets, gadgets! We love them, but purely being a gadget is not enough to be loved. In the tech section, we post our gadget reviews and let you know our findings and judgement. It’s all about tech reviews!

Just to make it more clear we divided this section into: Audio, Gear, Life, Lightning, Home Appliances, Tools and Wearables. Probably this list grows further in the future. So whether it is a Bluetooth speaker, a light or a smartwatch: when we get our hands on it we put it to the test and tell you what we think. Don’t expect to finds things like diagrams with output frequencies or performance charts. We focus on overall user experience. That’s what we like, and we hope you like it too. Sound fair, doesn’t it?

If you have any ideas, comments on the review or have a product for us to review, please let us know. But remember: we will be strict but fair.

Oukitel W1 Smart Watch on wrist

OUKITEL W1 Smart Watch review

In 2018 smartwatches are in the stage that they have proven to be not just a gimmick...

USB Light-sensitive LED Mosquito Killer Lamp review

Is the USB Light-sensitive LED Mosquito Killer Lamp really worth your money? It is pet and child friendly but is that all?
GUB Plus 6 Holder Installed on Bike

GUB PLUS 6 Cell Phone Holder for Motorcycles & Bikes review

GUB PLUS 6 Cell Phone Holder for Motorcycle Bicycle Bike Using your smartphone while driving a vehicle is never a good idea, but sometimes you...
Xiaomi Mija shaver in hand

Xiaomi Mija Electric Shaver review

I bought this good-looking shaver. But does it do the job? Let's see if the Xiaomi Mija Electric Shaver is worth your money.

YEELIGHT YLDP06YL Smart Light Bulb Review – A Philips Hue killer?

Intro My first step into the world of home automation wasn't buying a Raspberry Pi...
QCY Q29 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds front

QCY Q29 Pro Bluetooth Earbuds review

Every day, more and more smartphone users come to the terrible conclusion that their beloved 3,5mm headphone...
seven stages of Grief

Blog – The Death of the Headphone Jack: Seven Stages of...

Introduction Earbuds have been a staple for personal audio for a very long time, and that’s not a weird thing. They are simple, relatively small...
Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug review

I have been using COCO (Click-On-Click-Off or KlikAanKlikUit) smart wall sockets for a while now and I...
Macaw TX-80 – In ear

Macaw TX-80 Detachable Neckband Bluetooth Headphones

Macaw TX-80 Detachable Neckband Bluetooth Headphones review Intro A couple of years ago, when you wanted to listen to your music while exercising you had to...