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MEIZU EP52 Lite Bluetooth Headphone Sports with Mic

Meizu EP52 lite in box
EP52 lite inside the box

This is the first review written by my wife! 🙂 So it’s her ep52 lite review.
Like most people, I love listening to music, at home or during my workout at the gym. I was always complaining about my Sennheiser earphone-cable getting tangled, or my Bluedio Noise Canceling Headphone falling off my head when I bend over 🙂 So my dear husband got me the MEIZU EP52 Lite Bluetooth Headphone with a microphone.

An earphone which is easy to connect to your phone. I was ecstatic and eager to find out if this is the headphone I was looking for.

Meizu EP52 lite bluetooth headphone
Meizu EP52 lite bluetooth headphone



Here are the specifications as stated on GearBest

GeneralBrand: MEIZU 
Function: Answering Phone,Bluetooth,Microphone,Song Switching,Sweatproof,Volume Control,Waterproof 
Material: TPE 
Model: EP52 Lite 
Type: In-Ear 
Wearing type: In-ear with neckband
Product DetailsCharging Time.: 1.5H 
Compatible with: iPhone,iPod,Mobile phone 
Connectivity: Wired and Wireless 
Driver unit: 10mm 
Frequency response: 20-20000Hz 
Impedance: 32ohms 
Music Time: 8H 
Standby time: 200H 
Talk time: 6H 
Headphone Sensitivity: 106db 
Micphone Sensitivity: -42dB
BluetoothBluetooth: Yes 
Band: MEIZU EP52 Lite 
Chip: BES2000H 
Distance: W/O obstacles 10m 
Mode: Headset 
Version: V4.2 
FM radio: No 
Battery InformationBattery Capacity(mAh): 100mAh 


The earphones are light with a small cable, holding together the left and right earphone, making it possible to wear it around your neck when you don’t have them in your ear.
I’m very curious about how this affects the use of the headphones. Also, I’m curious about the battery duration, the signal strength off the Bluetooth connection and the sound of the music. Let’s find out, shall we!


  • Package size (L x W x H): 19.20 x 12.50 x 1.80 cm / 7.56 x 4.92 x 0.71 inches 
  • Weight of the package: 0.0830 kg 
  • Product weight: 0.0160 kg

What’s in the box?

Package Contents:

  • Headphone with M-sized Interchangeable Ear Tips
  • Pair of Interchangeable Ear Tips ( L, S )
  • Power Cable
  • Multilingual Manual
  • Folding Box
  • Meizu EP52 lite unpacked
  • unboxed
  • Meizu EP52 lite box
  • Meizu EP52 lite box back
  • EP52 lite inside the box


Main Features:
• Flexible, unbreakable and anti-aging TPE material in light weight, nothing but a great using experience when wearing 
• Magnetic design, easy to store and carry with you 
• Superfine biological fiber diaphragm, provide you with high fidelity and balanced sound quality
• IPX5 water resistance, protect it from water or sweat
• Achievable for lossless Bluetooth transmission within 10m 
• Fully charged in 1.5h, support for calling for 6h, listening to music for 8h and standby for 200h

Test of the MEIZU EP52lite Bluetooth Headphone with Mic

After unpacking the earphones I was ready to start the test. The battery was already fully charged. Connecting it to my phone was very easy. (searching available Bluetooth device, click on Meizu and I was ready to go).

I put in the earphones, while the cable connecting them, slightly rested on my shoulders. I was planning on doing some chores in and around the house leaving my phone at the dinner table.

During my chores, I was climbing stairs, bend over to clean floors etc. Not once my earphones fell out. The sound was very clean and clear, there was no white noise or signal loss when I was on the 2nd floor while my phone was still downstairs. The small wired remote control allowed me to skip through the music or change the volume. After a while I even forgot I had them on, that’s how comfortable they are to wear.

I received an incoming call, I clicked on the middle remote control button and because of the build-in microphone I was able to talk to my husband who was checking in on me 🙂 After hanging up, the music played along.

When I was done with the chores, I left them around my neck. On the back of the earphones, a small magnet is integrated so you can click the earphone together. This handy feature prevents them from falling off your neck.

Meizu EP52 lite micro USB

Build Quality & Design

Because of the rubber finish the earphones have a soft feel. They are light grey of colour, which make them look very classy. 


They are very easy to use, small, light weight and no more tangled wire. The fact that you can easy were them around you’re neck is a big pro.

Pro and cons of the MEIZU EP52Lite Bluetooth Headphone


  • Magnetic
  • Duration of the battery is more than 8 hours (when using a normal sound volume)
  • Strong Bluetooth connection
  • Build-in Microphone


For this price I can’t name any cons 🙂


I don’t say this product beats brands like Sony, Sennheiser or other great names in the headphone world. But for this price, I really dare to say that the MEIZU EP52Lite Bluetooth Headphone it’s a good bang for the buck!!

Where to buy the MEIZU EP52Lite?

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price