DIY Zigbee Gateway with zigbee2mqtt

One DIY Zigbee Gateway to rule them all.
Build your own Zigbee gateway and get rid of the other expensive ones! In this tutorial you learn to build install and use it.

Alfawise V8S PRO E30B Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Smart Mopping

What's better than a robot vacuum vacuuming your house? A robot vacuum that mops your floor! The Alfawise V8S Pro does that and does it good.

Alfawise ZK8077: a budget Robotic Vacuum Cleaner with Virtual Blocker

Alfawise Robot vacuum zk8077 above front
When looking for a good budget robot vacuum, the Alfawise ZK8077 is a good option. It is good at performing its basic and scheduling functionality.

360 Vacuum Cleanser: A Xiaomi killer or rip-off?

360 robot vacuum cleaning the corners
The brand 360 launched their 360 robot vacuum cleaner, it can compete with other brands, but is it worth buying? A Xiaomi killer or rip-off?

5PCS Mi Robot Vacuum Smart Cleaner Accessories review

Xiaomi robotic Vacuum Cleaner whole set
Intro I earlier reviewed the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner itself and now it's time for the must-have Xiaomi vacuum 5 pieces accessories pack. Because the...

Alfawise S60 Window Cleaning Robot

Window Cleaning robot s60 in box
We reviewed the Alfawise S60 Window Cleaning robot. Find out if this products is worth your money. And what about the cleaning job?

Adding the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum into Domoticz

Xiaomi Robot Vacuum in Domoticz
Learn how to control your Xiaomi Robot vacuum with your voice using Controlicz Domoticz and google home/Alexa.

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum; does it suck or not?

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner (first generation)   Introduction I bought the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum product at GearBest and integrate it into my home automation system...