USB Beard Trimmer Review – You win some, you loose some

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Ever since I’ve been growing out my facial hair for a bit I’ve been looking for a decent, affordable beard trimmer. So one day I was looking around on GearBest, and found this little fellow: the Electric Razor Rechargeable Beard Hair Cleaning Shaver. It’s a small and handy little razor with different guards to trim and shave your facial hair. So I decided I wanted to try it out, and write a review for it on Gadget-Freakz. Sadly, not all purchases from China are as good as you hope they are.

The package came in very bent and dented, but that shouldn’t say anything about the product. I’ve received totally wrecked boxes with Xiaomi products, and they always seem to work great. This time, however, things went a little differently.



So opening up the packaging reveled the little beard trimmer with razor attached, three differently sized guards, a USB charging cable and a little duster. Eager to try it out, I took the trimmer out of the packaging, and immediately the little razor jumped off and away, to the other side of the room. Apparently it got stuck on the plastic packaging or something. Never mind, I thought. It’s probably a detachable razor head. So I picked it up and went to the bathroom to try it out.

The disappointment

To my disappointment, it appeared that the little razor didn’t detach from the beard trimmer in a normal way. There was indeed a detachable mechanism in place to clean the beard trimmer, but that part was still stuck on the device itself. What jumped off was the actual razor, which was attached via two little plastic pins. Not surprisingly, while taking the razor out of the packaging, one of these little pins snapped off, probably due to my sheer strength (*cough* not *cough*). 

Of course I didn’t want to give up on this little razor, so I decided to try and glue the tiny little clip back in place. At first it looked like I was successful, but after letting it dry and trying to snap it back into place, the little nub just gave up again and undid all the hard work and glued-together fingers I put into it. 

So my plan B was not to glue the little nubs, ’cause that was such a great idea. No, I decided to glue the whole razor to the detachable part. It looks like the razor was originally able to switch orientation, to make shaving easier. But sadly, glue isn’t that forgiving when it comes to bending, so it’s now stuck in one orientation; straight up. This is, as you can guess yourself, not the ideal orientation for a razor. But it does work, so I could finally start trying it out.

The shaving experience

With the beard trimmer finally fixed, i could try and shave my facial hair. First I tried one of the three included guards. They come in three different sizes; 1mm, 3mm and 5mm. Because I didn’t want to shave off my beard, I grabbed the 5mm guard and attached it to the razor. I started with my cheeks, and lets just say I’m happy I wanted to shave those off anyway. 5mm doesn’t mean anything apparently, because it took the hairs straight off. My cheek was like a baby’s bottom afterwards. This meant I didn’t really feel like testing the two smaller guards, but judging by the 5mm one I think I can conclude that those would work in a similar fashion. 

I took off the guard and tried using the razor part on its own. I cleaned up my beard and shaved off my mustache, and for the most part it seems to work okay. Not great, just okay. As good as you can expect from a sub-15 dollar razor I guess. At one point it cut me fairly bad, so be aware of that. On the box it says something about ‘no irritations’, but that is a blatant lie. Of course the weird shaving orientation didn’t help, but I still expected a bit more from this beard trimmer. 

The conclusion

So for any of you reading this that are still thinking this could get my recommendation; what’s wrong with you? No, but seriously, this product does not get my recommendation. If you’re looking for a decent little shaving device, look further. If you want to look decent in public, you probably should shell out a bit more cash and invest in a decent beard trimmer or razor. All in all, I can summarize my experience with this product in one sentence:

I expected nothing and was still disappointed. – Marien, Gadget Freak

Where to buy?

You are still reading? I can think of a couple reasons you want to buy this shaver: 

  • You are in for a shaving disappointment
  • To buy it as a gift for that nephew that you don’t really like.
  • For your little brother always saying he needs a razor, give him this to teach him a lesson.
Buy here
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price

USB Beard Trimmer Review - You win some, you loose some

This little razor seemed like a great addition in my bathroom. It’s cheap, it’s small and looks nice. But sadly, my experience has been far from great. Does this razor get my recommendation?