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Ten products that will bring your BBQ skills to the next level


I can start a rant on playing with fire, manliness, burning big chunks of meat, midlife crisis, but lets keep it light and easy. Because summer is here! And what better way to celebrate summer (and your summer holiday) than having a BBQ with your friends and family. Whether you own a ten dollar basic barbecue or spend a thousand dollars on a Kamado barbecue, here is some BBQ gear to beef up your barbecue game. Happy Barbecuing!


Have your BBQ Gear ready

Yes, we are starting with the basic and obvious ones: Using kitchenware to operate your barbecue really is a no go. Barbecues require specific tools that are heat resistant and you really don’t want to duck up your silverware for that. There are sets of tools that come in a suitcase that you can store in there when you are not using them.

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No BBQ Gloves, no BBQ!

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A fire is hot and surfaces exposed to fire can become hot as well. So unless you have heat-resistant hands (if uncertain: do not test this!), you should have a glove to be able to adjust the vents or pick up the hot rosters.

Be the Firestarter (Twisted Firestarter)

Get yourself a electrical firestarter at ali by clicking on the picture.
Get yourself a electrical firestarter at ali by clicking on the picture above.

Starting the barbecue, getting the coals to glow and keeping it on the right temperature is serious business. For some people this is ceremony where years of experience, the right coals and lighter cubes and training come together. If you don’t have this experience, you can just use the right BBQ gear like an Electric Charcoal lighter to speed up the start of this process.

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Control the temperature

The true skills of a BBQ are taming the temperature of the barbecue. Different meats and preparation methods require different temperatures. And for a multi hour preparation you need to be sure your meat is and stays the right cooking temperature. So you need a good thermometer to monitor the temperature in the barbecue and in your meat. Luckily, most of the barbecues have an integrated thermometer in the hood, with some basic indication of what is too cold and what is too hot.

The real difference in controlling your meat preparation can be made by using a meat thermometer that you can stick in the piece of meat to measure the core temperature. Based on this temperature you can determine how well done the food is cooked. These cooking thermometers are available with different features, with multiple thermometer sticks, LCD displays, Bluetooth and integrated apps so you can monitor from your smartphone. This means you do not have to stand next to your barbecue for hours, and receive a notification when the desired temperature is reached.

We selected some BBQ Temperature probes with a high gadget factor and reviewed 2 of them:

One is with app the other has 6 probes, choose what’s best for you.

BBQ Branding Iron

Have you ever lost a beautiful piece of meat? You decided to leave it on the grill for another minute, but a family member took it from you when you weren’t paying attention for a second. And when you tried to address it, they denied it! The trauma… the betrayal, but no more! By using a branding iron you can claim your pieces of meat when you put them on the grill. You can also leave your trademark on the pieces of meat you cooked or do some basic advertising on a company barbecue.

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Use a Meat Injector for additional flavour

This tool will open a new world of flavor: A meat or marinade injector is a big syringe that you can you use to impregnate meat with added moisture and flavor. Normally marinades are put on the surface of the meat and will not go all the way through the piece of meat. But when you use this technique you will produce the flavors from the inside out. You can use a marinade, flavored oil or sauce for this. Just like with traditional marinating, it will still require a number of hours to marinate the meat. But by using this technique the flavors are build up in a different way. So the marinate injector is definitely something worth experimenting with.

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Whether you use a gas barbecue grill or a traditional charcoal barbecue, BBQ gear like a smoking box can add a nice twist to the food you prepare. Of course, the food will be exposed already to some smoke, but by using a smoking box you can add the smoke aromas of types of wood. Examples of these woods are hickory, apple, oak and cherry. You need to get specific smoking chips and don’t toss them into the fire. After you soaked the wood chips in water, you place them in the smoking box. Place the box directly on the glowing charcoals. It will take about half an hour for the chips to begin smoking and for the flavors to evaporate. If you forgot your smoking box but have some wood chips, you can also fold them in a couple of layers of tinfoil and place them between the coals.

G a HOMEFAVOR Brand Wood Chip font b Smoker b font font b Box bAliExpress.com Product – G.a HOMEFAVOR Brand Wood Chip Smoker Box For Grill Stainless Steel Hole Cold Smoke Generator Custom Box BBQ

Choose a less common BBQ accessory

Sometimes you need an accessory for specific types of meat of fish. This does not have to be advanced BBQ gear. But it can be as simple as an aluminum tray or a metal plate. This can be to protect the meat against direct exposure to the flames. Or to preserve (and reuse) the cooking moisture. Next to that, you prevent the smaller pieces of meat or fish falling between the grill roster.

A famous example of using a specific accessory is the beer can chicken. You place a well seasoned chicken on an open can of bear on the barbecue. By using the indirect heat of the barbecue you let the chicken gently cook for about an hour. The and the beer keeps the chicken moist and tender. To definitely become the hero of the barbecue you can use a BBQ Kebab maker. This allows you to make 36 kebabs at once.

JEYL Ceramic font b chicken b font grill font b beer b font font bAliExpress.com Product – JEYL Ceramic chicken grill, beer cans chicken rack vertical poultry chicken cooking barbecue accessories, non-stick ceramic ba 49 Holes BBQ Grill Shish font b Kebab b font Maker Box Barbecue Grill RoastedAliExpress.com Product – 49 Holes BBQ Grill Shish Kebab Maker Box Barbecue Grill Roasted Food Beef Meat Cutter Slicer Brochettes Skewers Accessories Tool