Domoticz 2021.1 is released!

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After a (strange) year a new version of Domoticz, called ‘Domoticz 2021.1’ is released by Gizmocuz.
In a year lot’s of work is done by Gizmocuz and other developers. New features, bug fixes and a few changes.


Domoticz official Docker

The fact that Domoticz released an official docker is great! It give users more flexibility to backup and restore and installatie can be easier. Great!

Domoticz 2021.1 docker tutorial
Running Domoticz from a Docker instance can be a bit scary, but the site provides a step-by-step guide to get your Domotics Docker container up and running. Maybe Domoticz 2021.1 is a good moment to switch to containerized instances.

Domoticz 2021.1 Changelog

To many changes to list, but here is a recap of the most important changes:
Version 2021.1 (April 17 2021)
– Implemented: Added option to set loglevel per hardware device
– Implemented: Added optional parameter ‘level’ to addlogmessage JSON
– Implemented: AirconWithMe wifi module
– Implemented: Allow complete IPv6 address in local network setting
– Implemented: Allow custom icons for thermostat setpoints on floorplan
– Implemented: Allow custom icons for utility sensors
– Implemented: Build systems for linux based on github actions
– Implemented: Build system for docker
– Implemented: Counter meter type now supports a divider
– Implemented: Custom icons for RGB/W
– Implemented: GUI; Auto refresh feature for graphical logs
– Implemented: Hardware Monitor, Add clock speeds for Raspberry Pi
– Implemented: Honeywell, Add cooling control and Fahrenheit support
– Implemented: Internal light commands for Fan types Casafan, FT1211R, Falmec, LucciAirDCII, IthoECO and Novy
– Implemented: Inverted energy icon colors in report
– Implemented: Max. Watt settings for power devices (defaults to 6000W)
– Implemented: Mercedes Me API’s (BYOCAR) as an (e)Vehicle supporting lock/open, odo, fuellevel
– Implemented: Meteorologisk (Meteorologisk institutt Norway) hardware support
– Implemented: P1 Meter, added support for Encryption
– Implemented: RFXCom Byron BY doorbell
– Implemented: RSSI support for Distance Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Watt Meter, kWh Meter
– Implemented: RTL433, Added RF Signal Strength in device tab based on reported SNR
– Implemented: RTL433, Added Pressure (PSI) type
– Implemented: RTL433, Added UV type
– Implemented: RTL433, Added X-10 Security support
– Implemented: RTL433, Switched to Json input
– Implemented: Teleinfo over TCP
– Implemented: Websocket notification for secondary/sub devices
– Implemented: ZWave, Legend and tooltips in Neighbors overview
– Updated: API/JSON: added API to delete daterange in history logs for one ID
– Updated: Blebox; use of the latest SwitchBox APIthe latest SwitchBox API
– Updated: dzVents; version 3.1.7 ( … _scripting )
– Updated: eVehicles; added ODO meter, unlock/open alert, max charge level to Tesla module
– Updated: eVehicles; added option to manual set API key
– Updated: EvoHome; decode, display and store hotwater setpoint
– Updated: GUI; Lay-out of notifications tab
– Updated: MQTT; added option to choose notification subsystem
– Updated: MQTT; added publish schemes: device index, device name and implemented custom topics for in- and outbound messages
– Updated: OpenZWave; configuration files
– Updated: OpenZWave; Added Volatile Organic Compound sensor
– Updated: Openweathermap; use latest API and overall improvements
– Updated: OTGW; ready for firmware 5.0 and added domestic hot water flow rate
– Updated: Plugin manager: ready for Python 3.9+
– Updated: Plugwise; update of scene selector and added a migration process
– Updated: SolarEdge; add support for 3 Phase inverters
– Updated: Tado; add support for per-zone Open Window Detection
– Updated: TTNMQTT; Better GPS/Locations handling, distance calculation (Geofencing)
– Updated: TTNMQTT; Improved calculation and storage of signal-levels
– Updated: USBTin; Added support for Bloc 9
– Updated: Xiaomi; added new device types
– Changed: Devices, ZWave, each node as separate hardware for easy selection
– Changed: Differentiate kWh, kVah, kVar and kVarh
– Changed: During a database backup we now ‘sleep’ when the status != OK
– Changed: Energy devices allow negative values
– Changed: Use of Clang-Tidy rules to force ++ coding consistency
– Fixed: Annatherm Presets usage in Events. Please use the following percentages: 10% for Home, 20% for Away, 30% Night 40% for Vacation
– Fixed: Cache refresh issue on Safari
– Fixed: Changing a value from a Thermostat Setpoint via the JSON API/MQTT resulted in a double event trigger
– Fixed: Control for thermostat setpoints on floorplan
– Fixed: Compiling on systems with recent Python versions
– Fixed: Distance sensor was converting to miles instead of inches
– Fixed: Icon uploading from Linux clients/browsers
– Fixed: Floorplan uploading
– Fixed: Font in events editor on MacOS
– Fixed: Motherboard Sensors for big partitions
– Fixed: Possible crash in CEventSystem::SetEventTrigger
– Fixed: Preserve custom icon and description when switching device from used -> unused -> used
– Fixed: Prevent duplicate keys in preferences table
– Fixed: Pushtype selection mechanism
– Fixed: Sound device was incorrectly displayed on the Floorplan
– Fixed: Tado Zone/Home limit, setpoint mix-up
– Fixed: User field in device logging for switches, -text-devices and for groups/scenes
– Fixed: Windows installation respects configured log parameters
– Fixed: Zwave various issues
– For a full overview visit: … _-_Commits for detailsIf you have any issues, first step is to clear the browser’s cache + appcache (two different things!)


You can download the Domoticz 2021.1 version at:

Or them you prefer docker:

Update your domoticz

Of Course it’s always a good to make a backup before updating your instance.

cd domoticz