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With brands as Tuya, Yeelight, Xiaomi, Oclean and Blitzwolf, there is always something to review! We use Home Assistant and Domoticz as smart home automation platform. We like to integrate as much as possible, sometimes with a native integration, sometimes with a hack or trick. Zigbee is our favorite protocol and we have some nice tutorials for Zigbee2MQTT. We have also some nice Tuya articles.

What I use in my Home Assistant

All extensions and addons I use in my Home Assistant setup.

Domoticz 2022.2: Time for an update!

Domoticz 2022.2 is the newest stable version. It's the secondversion of 2022. Read before update!

Home Automation Basics

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Smart Home Tutorials

What happened to Gearbest?

As a regular visitor of Gadget-Freakz, you probably notice we used and tested a lot of products that we bought at Gearbest. And yes,...

Interview with Jimz011 (creator of HKI: Homekit Infused)

A lot of people are inspired with the Home Assistant theme from Jimmy. it is called HKI: Homekit Infused.


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