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Xiaomi token extractor

Get Xiaomi tokens!

Xiaomi Token Extractor


What are Xiaomi device tokens and why you need them?

When you want to add xiaomi/miio devices into Domoticz, Home Assistant or Homey. You need to obtain the device token of those products. There were several methods to obtain your tokens. But most of the methods were complicated or not working anymore.

That’s changed! All the keys are in your Xiaomi Mi Home account are stored encrypted in the cloud. with the token extractor you can retrieve them easy, without installing, rooting, hacking or whatever.. just login and get your keys!

How the Xiaomi token extractor works

The extractor tool is an script that retrieves tokens for all devices connected to your Xiaomi cloud account and encryption keys for BLE devices.

The only thing you will need to provide Xiaomi Home credentials (not ones from Roborock app yet):

  • username (e-mail or Xiaomi Cloud account ID)
  • password
  • Xiaomi’s server region (cn – China, de – Germany etc.). Leave empty to check all available

In return all of your devices connected to account will be listed, together with their name and IP address.

Xiaomi token extractor for windows.
Xiaomi token extractor in action

I used the Xiaomi token extractor for this Xiaomi products

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