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Domoticz WLANThermo plugin

Integrate your WLANThermo Nano v3 into Domoticz with a plugin. Check and control your BBQ temperature from Domoticz like a Pro.

My favorite Domoticz plugins and third party Extensions

A Domoticz newsflash. My favorite third party projects for Domoticz.

Domoticz Community Update October 2019

The currently most interesting developments from the Domoticz community. From the Domoticz Android App and Dashticz, to Tuya and Dockers.

BlitzWolf BW-LT11 LED Light Strip Kit Review

We reviewed the hackable Blitzwolf BW-LT11 Light. See how to integrated this light in your home automation setup.

Upgrade to the Raspberry Pi 4 or not?

Why we like the Raspberry Pi 4. Compared to old Pi's & is it worth upgrading? What do you need to consider when you plan to buy it?

My Smart Home setup with Home Assistant

This is my smart home setup with Home Assistant. Read what components I use to measure, monitor and automate to make my house smarter.

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug review

I have been using COCO (Click-On-Click-Off or KlikAanKlikUit) smart wall sockets for a while now and I...

Xiaomi dafang 1080P Smart Monitor Camera review

After a year of using the Xiaofang, it is time for another Xiaomi camera. Is the Xiaomi dafang 1080P...

Domoticz Compatible Buy list

For those who will start with Domoticz or expand. Everything here is tested and is compatible with Domoticz. All those products are linked to...

Xiaomi 1080p Xiaofang Camera review

XIAOMI 1080p XIAOFANG CAMERA Intro The small Xiaomi 1080p Xiaofang is a...

Raspberry Pi 3b vs 3b+

The Raspberry Pi is a great device which you can use in infinite ways. Recently, the Raspberry Pi 3b+ was released. As every Pi,...

Adding the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum into Domoticz

Learn how to control your Xiaomi Robot vacuum with your voice using Controlicz Domoticz and google home/Alexa.

My Smart Home Setup with Domoticz

Welcome to my Smart Home Setup with Domoticz page, on this page, I proudly present the products and software I use to...

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Xiaomi Gateway 3: Highly hackable! Pair unsupported Zigbee & Bluetooth devices and get them into Home-Assistant!

Xiaomi Gateway 3 is Highly hackable, pair third party Zigbee and even Bluetooth devices and get them into Home-Assistant!