Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug review

Houzetek SWA1 WiFi Smart Plug


Houzetek Smart Plug 6

I have been using COCO (Click-On-Click-Off or KlikAanKlikUit) smart wall sockets for a while now and I love the way a smart socket enables me to turn on/off all of my lights with a simple remote. I have also connected them with my Home-Assistant (HA) setup, so I can control them with my iPhone and even through Siri. The experience with the HA setup has so far but great, but one thing started to annoy me and that is the way 433mhz works. COCO doesn’t send a signal back to the remote to tell the remote the command has been executed successfully. To make it simple: you can’t tell if the light is on or off without physically looking at it. This is a big limitation when automation your home, so I decided to look for alternatives. After a quick search I found this Houzetek Wifi Smart Socket. Check out the one minute review in the video below:

where to buy

I bought it at Gearbest for a bit more than 10 euros.

Houzetek Smart Plug 4


Brand: Houzetek


Product weight: 0.1500 kg
Package weight: 0.2500 kg
Product size (L x W x H): 10.00 x 6.00 x 6.50 cm / 3.94 x 2.36 x 2.56 inches
Package size (L x W x H): 12.50 x 7.60 x 9.00 cm / 4.92 x 2.99 x 3.54 inches

Does it fit your mailbox?


What’s in the box

The package contains two items: 

  • The Smart Socket
  • An Instruction Manual in English and German


The main features as stated on Gearbest:

  • Turn devices on/off with the mobile app
  • Create on/off schedules for your devices
  • Works with Amazon Alexa for hands-free voice control
  • Support Wi-Fi 2.4GHz 802.11 b / g / n network
  • Free eFamilyCloud App for Android and iOS operating systems
  • Intuitive, easy set up and easy to use
  • Small, space-saving, won’t cover the whole outlet
  • Power indicator


To start off with the obvious: The Houzetek WiFi Smart socket is a socket that you can control over WiFi. It works by using an app to control the smart socket and/or by using Amazon’s Alexa. The socket is packaged in a simple carton box together with an English and German manual.

The socket is made out of plastic and feels well-made. I didn’t hear any loose screws or parts inside the socket so that means that everything is well put together. The design of the socket is very similar to my COCO socket but has a physical button that lights up depending on the state of the socket.  

The setup of the socket is simple: you download the eFamilycloud app and create an account. Then you plug the socket into a power outlet and connect your phone via WiFi. In the app you select: Add a device and you follow the setup process. During the setup you can also give your socket a unique name like ‘Livingroom light’.

Houzetek Smart Plug eFamilyCloud App 4
Houzetek Smart Plug eFamilyCloud App 7
Houzetek Smart Plug eFamilyCloud App 3


Turning the light on and off is very easy. You can simple tap the button in the app or push the button on the socket itself.  

Home automation compatible

Unfortunately the smart plug is not compatible with Domoticz nor Home Assistant. The only platforms it supports are Amazon Alexa and eFamilycloud.


There are lots of alternative, check out our Domoticz compatible buy list if you are looking for compatible smart plugs.

pro / cons

Pros and cons are very personal, so I decided to just tell you what I like and don’t like about it.

What I like:

What I like about the socket is that it is easy to setup and easy to use. Comparing it to my COCO socket it is great that it has a physical button. My COCO switch can only be controlled by using the remote or my phone. At night that is sometimes a pain.

What I don’t like:

What I don’t like about the socket Is that I need to use an app to control it and that it’s currently not possible to connect it to HA. The reason I started using HA is that I can control all of my home automation devices in one app. Since that’s not possible with this socket, I have to use the separate app and off course created another user account.

Price quality

Price quality is great if you in the market for a cheap WiFi socket. Especially if you are looking for an Alexa compatible device.

Houzetek Smart Plug 5


The Houzetek WiFi Smart Socket is a great product, but the usability strongly depends on whether you are an Alexa user or not. If yes, you should buy it because for the price it’s a steal. If not, well than I believe there are better products on the market like Zigbee or Z-Wave sockets. These sockets will give you more flexibility and possibly better HA or Domoticz integration.

Where to buy?

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