Xiaomi Mijia Air Quality Tester for your Smart Home

If you want to measure your indoor air quality with an plug an play device: The Xiaomi Mijia Air quality tester can help you

Xiaomi Mijia Aqara G2 Camera and Zigbee Gateway

The Aqara G2 is a very interesting IP camera: on one hand it is a decent camera, but it also acts as a smart gateway for your Zigbee devices.

Alfawise Z1 Zigbee Smart Home Security Kit

Neat! Time to review a Zigbee security kit that potentially compete with the Xiaomi Aqara smart home solutions. The Alfawise Z1: marketed as a...

The BW-FYE1 and BW-FYE2: Review of two generations of Blitzwolf bluetooth headsets

The BW-FYE1 and BW-FYE2 are 2 generations of Blitzwolf Bluetooth headsets that share a some features and technology. But which one is better?

An Electric Fly Trap that does not catch any fly

So why chase flies with a fly-swatter, when you can easily do this automatically. With that in mind, I bought the Electric Fly Trap.

Oclean Z1 Smart LED Light Acoustic Wave Electric Toothbrush Review

The Oclean Z1 is a well equipped and Xiaomi powered smart electric toothbrush that has an app and is well featured. But is it any good?

Integrate the best Xiaomi Mi Scales in Home Assistant

Integrate Xiaomi Scales into Home assistant and makt your scale smarter with this tutorial

What to do with your old Pi after the Raspberry Pi 4 is released?

One of the questions only few people know is when the next generation Raspberry Pi will be released. But when it is released, it...

Alfawise M1 Folding Electric Scooter

Is the Alfawise M1 a good buy? It's cheaper than other electric scooters but can it hold up to the Xiaomi M365? Check it out!

Script your Dryer or Washing Machine in Domoticz

You can buy smart washing machines and dryers, but for a small amount and a little script, you can make your current dryer and...

Tuya Smart Life integrated into Home Assistant

Add devices into Smart Life from Tuya so they can be used in Home Assistant.

Domoticz Naming Conventions and tips

Some naming conventions and tips so you start the right way and make it easier for yourself in the future.

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