Script your Dryer or Washing Machine in Domoticz

You can buy smart washing machines and dryers, but for a small amount and a little script, you can make your current dryer and...

My favorite Domoticz plugins and third party Extensions

A Domoticz newsflash. My favorite third party projects for Domoticz.

Top 10 uses for Home Assistant without buying extra hardware

Great uses of Home Assistant without buying extra hardware. Did you know you can order a pizza through Home Assistant?

Adding the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum into Domoticz

Learn how to control your Xiaomi Robot vacuum with your voice using Controlicz Domoticz and google home/Alexa.

Alfawise JD – T8610 IP Camera Bulb

Is it a camera? Is it a lamp? It is... a camera lamp?

Domoticz Naming Conventions and tips

Some naming conventions and tips so you start the right way and make it easier for yourself in the future.

Bluedio T5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone review

Bluedio T5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphone with Microphone and Active Noise Cancelling A while...

Xiaomi Wireless Mouse review

I have a Xiaomi notebook pro on my wooden dining table and it's really an eyecatcher. the only downside of this beautiful...

How to improve your Zigbee network!

Improve you zigbee network with these tips!

OUKITEL W1 Smart Watch review

In 2018 smartwatches are in the stage that they have proven to be not just a gimmick...

Backup Domoticz database and files. Pay attention!

Be safe and backup Domoticz with a script!

My Smart Home Setup with Domoticz

Welcome to my Smart Home Setup with Domoticz page, on this page, I proudly present the products and software I use to...

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum; does it suck or not?

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum cleaner (first generation)   Introduction I bought the...

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ZZH! A zigbee 3 stick based on CC2652R

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