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Domoticz Plug-In for Tasker

domoticz for tasker

Galadril (Mark Heinis) has worked hard on another app besides his famous Domoticz app. Domoticz Plug-In for Tasker let you switch devices from tasker. Be creative and create handy automations that make your life easier.

Check out his new promo video:

This app has support for the next Tasker Actions:
– Toggle a Switch, selector, group or scene
– Send a notification
– Write a log
– Toggle an Event
– Set a value of user variables
– Call any generic Domoticz endpoint

Next to the actions, there is an websocket based Input Event:
– Get an Event in Tasker when a specific state is reached for a switch.

Download here

https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta … icz.tasker

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This plugin app also works with Locale, MacroDroid and Automate Android apps!!

Check out the Domoticz forum for samples and please post your questions and creations.