Domoticz Version 4.9700 (June 23th 2018) is released!

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Domoticz Version 4.9700 is released after a year of many beta updates and thousands of changes and improvements. The time has come for the next stable release (Domoticz Version 4 Stable) This version is released on June 23th 2018.

In this Domoticz forum topic are all the changes and the update instructions.
If you already on linux stretch you can update normally, otherwise update your linux version first.

On slack, they are meeting every week (and more). On GitHub, you can follow the process.
When you use the ZenHub plugin an extra button appears and you can see:

Domoticz github zenboard

You can check which bugs are fixed, what changes are made and which issues are still open, but that list is getting smaller every day.

We cannot give an exact date, but we are getting close! When the new stable is official, we would post an article where we describe all new features and biggest changes etc. And remember it always possible to help, to report bugs, push commits and help in any way.

As you can see in the screenshots below lots of commits are made between the last stable (master) and the v4 release.

The change list of version 4.9700 is shown below and shows the history file of Domoticz and contains most of the changes:

always up to date history file

Version 4.9700 (June 23th 2018)

– Implemented: Blockly, now possible to directly add/update Text devices
– Implemented: Blockly: now possible to use expressions in debug messages like “My temperature is {{temperaturedevice[1234]}} degrees” (see
– Implemented: Camera: support for HTTPS url’s
– Implemented: Comm5 SM-xxxx sensors support
– Implemented: Command line option ‘-noupdates’ to stop using the internal update functionality Corrected ‘Proxy’ settings in the settings page (missing element closing tag)
– Implemented: Denkovi Smartden IP In (32) with LAN Interface
– Implemented: Disabling the option to downgrade Domoticz and use a newer database (because of database migrations)
– Implemented: Door Lock Inverted
– Implemented: EcoCompteur device
– Implemented: eHouse BMS / Home Automation System Integration
– Implemented: Forcing appcache to be refreshed on every new build
– Implemented: Functionality to allow Python Plugins to integrate with the Domoticz Security Panel
– Implemented: HardwareMonitor monitor own process memory usage
– Implemented: Honeywell Lyric thermostat
– Implemented: I2C: support for MCP23017 (16bit I2C GPIO expander)
– Implemented: Initial support for FS20
– Implemented: KMTronic TCP Temperature hardware
– Implemented: Langiage “Persian” (Big tankgs to “foademadi”, “maziar.hafezi” and “reza.hadipour2002”)
– Implemented: Language “Albanian” (Big thanks to “arbenik”)
– Implemented: Language “Bosnian” (Big thanks to “Vedran”)
– Implemented: Language “Catalan” (Big thanks to “delfisastre”)
– Implemented: Logitech Media Server: Added option to remove unused nodes
– Implemented: RFXtrx Lucci Fan DC implemented
– Implemented: MQTT Push message on scene/group switch event
– Implemented: MySensors: handling of I_INCLUSION_MODE message.
– Implemented: MySensors: support for SmartSleep option (gateway 2.x)
– Implemented: Netatmo: rssi support
– Implemented: New Managed meter type
– Implemented: OnkyoAVTCP: Add source selection, detection via NRIQSTN
– Implemented: OpenWeatherMap: cloud sensor
– Implemented: RFXCom: support for WIND7, RAIN7/RAIN8/RAIN9
– Implemented: Rtl_433: support for wind sensors, HH and LL humidity values
– Implemented: Selector Switch: correcting display for all UTF8 characters now
– Implemented: Styles folder can have its own images folder to overwrite stock images
– Implemented: Telegram notifications
– Implemented: Voltage/Current for Armbian Kernal 4.14+
– Implemented: Webserver: automatically reload SSL certificates and DH params3
– Implemented: Xiaomi Aqara Cube
– Implemented: ZWave node ID to log
– Removed: NMA Notification system (the service has stopped)
– Updated: Dzvents (version 2.4.6, See dzVents/documentation/
– Updated: OenZWave driver and configuration files
– Updated: Translation files
– Updated: Various internal libraries (C++/WWW)
– Changed: Floorplans now stored in database
– Changed: Improved color dimmer support
– Changed: Internal HUE/RGB/W/WW handling
– Changed: Philips Hue: internal code
– Fixed: Various, see github

All products on this page are compatible with the new stable release. For now, some of the products work only in the beta channel.

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