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2020 for smart home: What did 2020 bring to your Smart Home?

In this article we look back at 2020 and in particularly Smart Homes! But we will also will check what 2021 brings in term of smarter homes.

Domoticz App Android 11

Domoticz App for Android can now use the quick access menu!

Domoticz WLANThermo plugin

Integrate your WLANThermo Nano v3 into Domoticz with a plugin. Check and control your BBQ temperature from Domoticz like a Pro.

My favorite Domoticz plugins and third party Extensions

A Domoticz newsflash. My favorite third party projects for Domoticz.

Domoticz Plug-In for Tasker

Domoticz Plug-In for Tasker let you switch devices from tasker. Be creative and create handy automations that make your life easier.

Domoticz 2020.1: Time for an update!

The newest Domoticz Update is 2020.1 this means the first stable version in 2020.

Build your own DIY Air Quality Meter based on the MH-Z19 sensor

Use the MH-Z19 Sensor to build your own DIY Air Quality Meter. Integrate this meter into Smart Home systems like Domoticz and Home Assistant.

Domoticz Community Update October 2019

The currently most interesting developments from the Domoticz community. From the Domoticz Android App and Dashticz, to Tuya and Dockers.

Upgrade to the Raspberry Pi 4 or not?

Why we like the Raspberry Pi 4. Compared to old Pi's & is it worth upgrading? What do you need to consider when you plan to buy it?

Comparison between Domoticz and Home Assistant in 2019

Domoticz vs Home Assistant in 2019. A detailed comparison between the 2 best open-source home automation platforms.

Domoticz Icons

Learn more about creating icon packs and uploading custom icons into Domoticz. It's really easy!

New Domoticz app for Android out now!

New Domoticz android app out now!

New Domoticz Android Beta coming!

Stay tuned for a new Domoticz android app.

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