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Be safe and pay attention to security!

Today everyone got smart products or IOT devices. All those products are connected, that’s easy but also a potential threat.
A few tips:

  • Always do your updates (most of the time they are about security)
  • Always change default usernames and passwords.
  • Think about the need to be connected to the world.
  • Choose other ports then the defaults. take a closer look at your router what is exactly open how it’s forwarded.

When connecting Domoticz to the internet please Use SSL (we walk you through in a separate tutorial) and be sure you use the tips on this page.

What about security in Domoticz?

Update OS

Domoticz is running on an Operating system (mostly Linux). The basis of security starts keeping your systems up to date: so be sure that your OS is up to date.

sudo apt-get update && upgrade

change default password of your OS:

the default username is PI with the default password: raspberry

Connect with SSH to your Raspberry PI and type in:


You get the question to enter the current password and after that 2 times the new password.

Security of the Domoticz Website

This can be done from inside the Domoticz website, go to Setup > security and enter a username and password under Website Protection.

This is needed when you enter the Domoticz website.
But when you are at home you don’t want to enter credentials all the time. Then you need to fill in Local Networks (no username/password). Here you enter the IP address off your network. like: 127.0.0.*;192.168.0.*   this means when you are at home and you are connected to your network, you have an IP address that is allowed to use Domoticz without entering credentials.

Use SSL port 443

This will be covered in a next tutorial.

Some sites to check your safety:

  • Is your password stolen? Check it @
  • The search engine for security and Internet of things! Here you can see that many people don’t care about the security of their devices.

Please contact us if you have more tips and tricks, and check out our other Domoticz tutorials.