Xiaomi Mijia Portable Mini Shaver Review

xiaomi portable mini shaver

Earlier, we tested two different Xiaomi shavers. The Mijah is a really designish shaver and the Xiaomi Youpin ES3 3D Smart Razor looks like a normale non xiaomi shaver. But now it’s time for a review on the Portable Mini Shaver from Xiaomi. As it’s name implies, the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Mini Shaver is a really small shaver with a USB port and a typical Xiaomi design. Is it as good as the rotating head versions?



BrandXIAOMI Mijia
Waterproof GradeIPX7
Charging Time1 Hour
Working Time60 Min
Motor Speed 7800RPM
Rated Power5W
Rated Voltage5V


A quality product with an outstanding design. But I’m not sure about the effectiveness of the blades.


The Xiaomi Mijia Portable Mini Shaver comes in a really small package. It is retail package and contains Chinese text. Good news: This package does fit in your mailbox.

Xiaomi Portable shaver – box front

What’s in the box?

In the box of the Mijia Portable Mini Shaver you can find the following:

  • Xiaomi Electric Razor
  • Clean Brush
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • Manual


  • Minimalist slim all-metal body.
  • Lightweight and portable, only 13.2mm thick, weighing about 100g.
  • Skin-friendly fit Blade, shaving quickly and more comfortable.
  • With Voronoi geometry, the design is inspired by the dragonfly’s wings.
  • Use sharp and tough Nippon Steel.
  • The blade is at an acute angle of 27 degrees, greatly enhancing the blade cutting force.
  • High-speed silent operation, 7800 rpm, run-time noise only 65dB.
  • Shave for 3 minutes daily for 30 days.

Build Quality & Design

The design is typically Xiaomi. Simple, minimalistic and a good choice of materials. In my hand it feels solid, high quality and premium.

Portability / Mobility

This is the smallest electric shaver I know. And because it’s flat and compact, it’s really easy to take on a holiday, or in your car for when you are in a traffic jam :P. You can even leave it in your bag or backpack, which can be while on travel or for emergencies.

Testing the Mijia Portable Mini Shaver

Okay, the Xiaomi Mijia Portable Mini Shaver looks and feels nice, but more important is whether does it do the job? I don’t have a big beard, so I expected it would get the job done easily. However, when I used it on my chin I discovered that I need to do the area over and over again before it gets all the hairs. Leaving me to use my Mija 360 to make my skin look and feel clean and smoothly shaved again.
It’s easy to open and clean but I’m honest when i’m saying: spend a little extra and go for the Mija 360 shaver.

Complementary Products / Alternatives

Where to buy?

Buy at banggood

Portable mini shaver from xiaomi
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price


This product looks awesome but that is not good enough. I would spend a little bit more for a Xiaomi 360 shaver, than a good looking portable variant that took ages to shave myself.


  • Small, compact portable product
  • USB-C
  • Used materials give it a premium look


  • not suitable for a large beard.
  • not that effective as the 360 shavers.