New Domoticz theme in town: Machinon

machinon domoticz home automation switches_x4

Next to Domoticz great Aurora theme there is a now a new kid on the block that already quickly became my new favorite: the machinon theme for Domoticz. It’s still a work in progress theme but it already looks fabulous, clean and fresh. Less is more definitely applies to this theme. In this article, we provide a short background on the Machinon theme, some theme screenshots and give some information about the IO board with the same name. After that, we give installation instructions to get the Machinon theme up and running in your Domoticz setup.

Machinon hardware

Machinon is made by EddieN who is also the founder and creator of the upcoming and very interesting piece of hardware. This device is also called Machinon and is an open protocol extension IO board for the Raspberry Pi. It has 46 smart inputs and outputs ready to use.  We are definitely going to review this in the near future. For more info till that time:



machinon theme for Domoticz

EdddieN cares a lot about the details, so he not only made a great device but also a theme for Domoticz that fits machinon hardware. He already got some good help from the french guy: landaisbenj and DewGew from Sweden.


Theme screenshots

machinon theme for Domoticz Preview screenshot

Suggested new setup layout

Screenshot machinon

For all icons and more screenshots.


Installation is simple as we can see on the GitHub page of the Machinon theme. SSH into your Domoticz and use the following commands:

cd domoticz/www/styles
git clone machinon
sudo /etc/init.d/ restart


cd domoticz/www/styles/machinon
git pull

side notes

The theme is not finished yet. So all feedback and help is welcome on the forum or GitHub. But this theme really has potential.
Search box on the right top of the mockups are not really there, but I really hope some that would be implemented in the future. Thinks as data visualization, combined sensors and webcam previews are present in Aurora but not yet in Machinon, we think it will be just a matter of time before it will be implemented.

More info:

Discussion topic at Domoticz forum

Github page for the latest version and changes.