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My Smart Home Setup with Domoticz

Smart Home Setup with Domoticz

Welcome to my Smart Home Setup with Domoticz page, on this page, I proudly present the products and software I use to make my home smarter.
I hope to inspire others and will add links, photo’s and tutorials of each product later.

Almost 5 years I go I got my house and started with Domotica. I started with 433mhz and almost every light had his own COCO (Click On Click Off) dimmer.
I was running on a Raspberry Pi1 and used Domoticz (it was a less known then nowadays). I came in contact with GizMocuz and asked him if I could help because I saw the potential in Domoticz. I cannot code in C++ but could help with ideas, testing and maintaining the forum.

After a while, I bought a z-wave stick and some sensors. those were much more expensive but also much more reliable. More functions and most important: two-way communication.
Because I’m a real gadget/IT freak I bought new gadgets once in a while:   A Synology, Philis Hue, Milight LED Strips, Ip cameras and much more.
And almost every single product or brand has his own app. And that is why I love Domoticz. Everything controlled by one system. ! webpage/app.

With Domoticz You got the options to notify, schedule a device, but you can also create rules with blocky of scripting with Lua. And with Lua, you can build the most advanced stuff.
Not only a simple thing like when you press this button, Light X goes on.   But much more complex.

If it is x time, and darkness is x and device x is on  and so on and so on,   then set light x to …
Sometimes I had the wish to automate something, another time I was hanging around at the fora And got inspired by others.

After running a long time very stable (on a pi 3) there was something new for me. Xiaomi.  A nice brand with Apple stylish products for a very good price. all based on ZigBee protocol and it worked like a charm.  So it was time to replace some devices, combining different protocols and brands.

One of my latest additions is Alexa, My wife was skeptic at first, but now she is commanding Alexa to control the whole house with her voice commands.


Features of My Smart Home Setup

My Smart Home setup started simple:
Physical wireless switches to control the lights, then controlling with a phone, scenes, voice control, and smart scheduling.
My goal: My house must smart. And must think ahead.

Physical hardware:

  • UPS
  • Daikin airco
  • Philips Hue Bridge
  • Ikea tradfri (disabled because hue can also use ikea lights)
  • Aeotec z-wave stick
  • Logitech Harmony Hub
  • Xiaomi Gateway
  • RFXcom
  • RFLink (not only 433Mhz, but also to control milight bulbs, it’s a cheaper and open source version of RFXcom)
  • OpenTherm Gateway with LAN interface
  • Icy E-thermostaat

Other hardware in my Smart Home Setup

  • Vacuum cleaners: Xiaomi Robot Vacuum and a Ilife a4
  • Cameras:  Xiaomi xiaofang, Xiaomi dafang  and the Foscam 2812
  • NAS:  synology ds1512+
  • 2x Tp-link 4300 Router with the custom firmware: dd-wrt
  • Speaker
  • Somfy sunscreen and shutters
  • Garagedoor
  • Chuwi Hi Book 10 pro Tablet with dashtics
  • Amazon Alexa

Virtual hardware

  • Kodi
  • Applamp (disabled don’t use the milight box because of rflink)
  • Ping



  • presence detection with telephones
  • Sunscreen script
  • IDEalarm script
  • washing machine and dryer notifications
  • doorbell notifications
  • lights on when entering the room
  • up and download statistics

Python Plugins

Bash Scripts

Other software running on my Raspberry Pi3b

  • pi-hole on raspberry
  • Dashticz (great dashboard for in living room)
  • Webmin
  • Monit