Domoticz 2020.1: Time for an update!

Domoticz version 2020.1

It took a while to release a new stable version of Domoticz. But it’s worth the waiting because the changelog is enormous. Most users that couldn’t wait were using the beta version. Much has improved. But when upgrading please watch out, and read on before updating! The newest Domoticz Update is 2020.1 this means the first stable version in 2020.


Changelog of Domoticz 2020.1


  • BuienRadar
  • DarkSky CloudCover sensor
  • eVehicles framework, with Tesla as first hardware module
  • EventSystem, option in Settings to enable/disable URL call logging containing full URL path
  • Floorplan, add support for SVG
  • GUI, OpenZWave added Refresh Node Information button, styling
  • GUI: real-time updates on Devices tab (Websockets)
  • GUI: Sun/Rain icons
  • Hue, Add Support for Geo fence sensor, dimmer switches and Hue LCG002 GU10 spot
  • Octoprint hardware module
  • OpenZWave, JSON call to retrieve current battery levels for all nodes
  • OpenZWave, Support for Loudness sensor
  • OpenZWave, Support for Particulate_Mater_2_5 (Dust) sensor (ug/m3)
  • OpenZWave, Support for Smoke density (%)
  • OpenZWave, Support for Volatile_Organic_Compound (CO2, ppm)
  • OpenZWave, Support for Frequency sensor
  • Option to replace switch with another (same type)
  • Per User favorites (with viewer rights)
  • RFXCom implemented datatimeout for external P1 sensor
  • RTL433, added Power (Watt) type
  • RTL433, added rainfall_mm type
  • Xiaomi, added Wireless Single Wall Switch
  • DisableLogAutoUpdate and AddDBLogEntry device options for counters, to be enabled from plugins


  • API, allow variabletype to be entered as text or integer in adduservariable and updateuservariable (#3320)
  • GUI, Choosing Icon for ARC type switches
  • GUI, Dashboard icon incremental counter (energy generated) not correct (#3231)
  • GUI, device table initial order column
  • GUI, Switch Log, date parsing in device log (#3206)
  • GUI, Floorplan, contact type can no longer be switch
  • GUI, Floorplan, custom image for Custom Sensor
  • GUI, Floorplan, fixed blind switching (#3267)
  • GUI, Weight Log now displays correct Unit (#3211)
  • GUI, OpenZWave Abort Include/Exclude button
  • Blockly, handling incorrect time field
  • Evohome Web for updated library
  • Google Notification System
  • PhilipsHue
  • SMS Notification System
  • Telegram notification when odd number of underscores in text
  • Youless, possible buffer overflow (#3261)


  • Domoticz scripts now run directly in the background
  • dzVents version 3.0.1
  • HighCharts
  • Lua 5.3
  • Mosquitto 1.68
  • OpenZWave version 1.6
  • P1: Add support for Belgian and Luxembourgian meters
  • SQLite 3.31.1
  • Translations

For a full overview visit this page for details

Prerequisites of 2020.1

The newest version of the stable need the newest version of linux (buster) most of the users are running Domoticz on an Raspberry Pi with debian stretch.
Like the beta already needed, the stable does also not work of stretch. So update your Linux version first. With the tutorial on this site you can safely update linux before updating of installing Domoticz. TUTORIAL TO UPDATE LINUX

Clean install

Check your linux version, if you already on “Buster” you are safe to follow the instructions we posted in a separate Domoticz installing tutorial. Besides that it’s like installing the previous versions of Domoticz.

Update an older Domoticz installation

cd Domoticz
sudo ./updatebeta

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