Home Tech Diggro DI10: a watch first, activity tracker second.

Diggro DI10: a watch first, activity tracker second.

Diggro DI10 Smart Sport Watch

A lot of people of this generation wear either a smart watch or an activity tracker around there wrist. Both types of watches come in many flavors, but they will always remain less sportive or stylish and definitively more fragile compared to the traditional watches. The Diggro DI10 is a step in the right direction: it is a smart watch with the appearance and the firmness of a traditional sports watch. It even comes with a battery that will last for up to a year. But is it any good?



The specifications as provided by Gearbest:

  • Chip: SI – BW02
  • Screen: 1.21 inch FSTN / full view
  • Case material: aluminum zinc alloy ZA – 8
  • Band material: high-tensile silica gel
  • Button material: 316L Stainless steel
  • Bluetooth version: 4.0
  • App name: Sport+
  • System requirement: Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 or later
  • Battery: 290mAh CR2430IP rating: IP68 ( 5 ATM )


I did not knew the brand Diggro so I did not know what to expect regarding the quality. The normal digital watch functionality is there since the ’80-s, so that should probably be alright. How well Bluetooth is implemented in a watch that cannot be charged will probably the main question.


The product is shipped in a nice white box. In this box, the watch is well protected in a plastic bag placed in foam material. 

Does it fit your mailbox?


What’s in the box

In the box you just find the watch and the instruction manual (Chinese, English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese). No charging cables are required. 

Diggro DI10 Smart Sport Watch In box


The following features are stated on Gearbest:

  • Stylish time-teller with luminous dial, replaceable strap
  • Activity tracker to calculate steps, calorie burnt, distance
  • IP68 waterproof for up to 50m underwater
  • Reminder for calls, SMS, notifications from Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.
  • 12 months long standby time, with CR2430 290mAh button cell
  • Remote shutter for taking perfect selfies via Bluetooth connection

Build Quality & Design

First of all: the watch is massive. You will really like this if you like to wear big watches, but if your wrists are slimmer and not used to the weight and size of bigger watches this can become a challenge. For reference: The watch weighs as much as an iPhone 7 Plus.

Just as the watch itself, the strap feels also very solid, with a double pen buckle and an extra plastic ring securing the strap it will not come off unintentionally. The watch is IP68 waterproof, which means you can swim or take a shower with the watch on. 

Power consumption

I’ve been wearing the watch for a couple of weeks now but I cannot make an estimation how long its battery will last. Diggro states that if you use the watch very intensively, you will need to change the battery every 5 months. Normal use will make the watch last for 8 months and energy saving mode will keep the watch up and running for about 12 months. Based on these numbers and common sense, I expect the watch can last for about half a year before I need to change the CR2430 battery (which costs about 2 euros). Diggro promises the watch will notice you about 15 days before it runs out of juice.

Diggro DI10 Smart Sport Watch Backplate
To replace the battery you need to remove the metal plate where you can easily replace the CR2430 lithium battery.


For me switching back from an activity tracker to a classic digital watch took some time. You switch from a single button and touch screen to four buttons, a crown and no touch screen. Not every button on the Diggro DI10 has a labelled function and also the manual could be written a bit better. After a short while you will find out the use of each button.

Diggro DI10 Smart Sport Watch Buttons

The watch can function in different modes: first of all with the digital part switched off. You just see only the analog hands and no Bluetooth or other functionality is available. The second mode is with the digital display switched on (turn it on or off by long pressing both the S2 and S3 buttons). It shows the the digital time (or depending on the mode the date, amount of steps, calories or distance) and you have access to functions like the stopwatch.

When Bluetooth is activated (long press S1) and your phone is connected you can sync the digital watch with the time on your phone, have notifications and trigger selfies.  After a while, Bluetooth is automatically switched off. Also because of the power efficiency the screen is not permanently readable in low light conditions. You can shortly press the S1 button to activate a back light. This will only last three seconds, which is a bit short considering the complexity of the watch face. Especially when you need to switch to to another function. All together it is a very decent watch, with a small learning curve for some of the features. 

Diggro DI10 Smart Sport Watch On wrist

The Diggro DI10 can connect to your smartphone using the Sports+ app that is available for Android or iOS. Connecting is pretty simple: enable Bluetooth on your phone and on the watch and add the device in the app. Once registered, the app syncs the phone’s date and time with the Diggro DI10 and syncs to the registered activities (based on the pedometer on the watch) to the app. Here it shows the number of steps, estimated distance and calories and the percentage of your daily steps target. You can also change some notification settings of the watch (for which notifications it needs to beep) and you can trigger a selfie from your phone by pressing a button on the watch.

pro / cons


  • Watch feels very solid.
  • Waterproof (IP68, so you can swim with it).
  • No need for charging.
  • Connecting to the app also syncs the time.


  • You need to set the analog clock manually. 
  • Don’t like the notification ‘beep’.

Price quality

With a price for around 20 euros the Diggro DI10 is a pretty good buy when you are looking for a watch with or without activity tracking features. 


The Diggro DI10 is good choice if you are looking looking for a good watch with some nice extra features. So for everyone who wants to track his health incognito. Extra plus is it’s battery will last for a long period, so you don’t need to charge it every couple of days. 

It lacks functions like a heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker, so if you want to go for a full blown activity tracker, skip the Diggro DI10. Better options are for example the Lenovo. Overall, the Diggro is a good balance between functionality and power-saving to make the battery last for a long time. 

where to buy?

Buy Here

You can buy the watch on Gearbest by pressing the ‘Buy Here’ button above. Like the watch but don’t like solid Black color? Do not worry! It is also available in Army Green.

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price