zanflare USB Battery Charger

zanflare C2 Battery charged

I recently noticed that I use batteries more often than I initially thought. I think it is a waste of money to buy new batteries when they are empty. So why not go for rechargeable batteries and charge them by plugging a battery charger into my laptop? It is always standby and within reach.
So I searched for a battery charger and found the USB Battery Charger:  zanflare HXY – H2m Versatile USB Battery Charger. Let’s find out if it’s really that handy.


  • Input: DC 5V 2A
  • Charging current: rechargeable Li-ion batteries 4.2V, 300mA / 500mA / 1000mA // rechargeable Ni-MH batteries ( or Ni-Cd batteries ) 1.5V, 300mA / 500mA / 1000mA
  • Output: USB 5V 2A
  • Material: ABS
zanflare C2 Battery USB Connectors

Packaging specifications

Product weight: 0.0940 kg 
Package weight: 0.1220 kg 
Product size (L x W x H): 11.70 x 6.20 x 3.20 cm / 4.61 x 2.44 x 1.26 inches 
Package size (L x W x H): 12.80 x 7.20 x 3.80 cm / 5.04 x 2.83 x 1.5 inches

Does it fit your mailbox?

Yes it does 🙂

What’s in the box

The charger itself, a very short USB cable and a multilingual user manual (English, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese)

USB Battery Charger (zanflare C2) unboxed


  • Capable of charging two batteries simultaneously
  • Automatically stops charging when complete 
  • Pocket size
  • Multiple protections
    • over-voltage, over current, short circuit protection, battery reverse polarity protection, smart identification of damaged batteries and 0 V voltage activation function.
  • 3 different charging current options to choose from 300 mA / 500 mA / 1000 mA
  • The zanflare USB battery charger is not only suitable for various rechargeable batteries: Li-ion, Ni-MH and Ni-Cd; but also equipped with a 5V 2A USB port to charge directly your iPad, iPhone, or other devices. 
  • Provided with integrated LCD display to monitor the information of the two charging slots: charging voltage, charging current and the battery level. 
  • And with charging indicator, it is easy to monitor the charging state, you can still lean on the sofa, and just read the charger on the desk: when the battery is in charging status, the light will turn red; when the battery is fully charged, the light turns green.


To test this charger I used my Notebook Pro USB 3 port and used the included USB cable to charge 2 2700 AA batteries from GP. After placing the batteries in the socket I let it charging for about an hour. When charging is completed, the charger gives you a clear green LED. 
When finished I removed one battery and the display updates immediately that the battery holder is empty. When inserting another empty very old 2500 GP Battery there was a message ‘Err’ shown in the LCD screen: it displays “Err” if the battery is wrongly inserted or when it is damaged. I think the battery is dead (there was also a little bit of white residue on the + pole.

I don’t have the knowledge nor hardware to test this charger in depth with fancy graphs etc. But charging your batteries won’t be a problem I can assure.

Build Quality & Design

It’s made from ABS and it’s black. It feels very solid and it’s lightweight.
The LED’s are also buttons to change info on the screen, however, I did not notice this the first time I used the device. 

Heath / Power consumption /Noise

After an hour of charging the charger was not warm at all. The charger is completely silent when on standby and even when charging.

Portability / Mobility

Because the charger is lightweight and small it is  easy to carry with you. Because of the USB connection it is easy to charge on a USB charger on a  computer.


There is also an bigger charger of zanflare available. In contrast to the unit we tested, this Zanflare c4 can charge four batteries simultaneous and has many more options.

pro / cons


  • Multi-language manual.
  • Very portable and handy.
  • Rock Solid.
  • Because of the indicator it is easy to check when charged completely.
  • Good price.


  • Not compatible with LiFePO4 batteries
  • Short USB Cable
  • Because it is suitable for multiple batteries AA batteries are placed a little bit strange in the holder.

Price quality

For around 17 dollar you will never run out of full batteries. So therefore it is a good buy, which probably will charge your batteries for many years. 

Where to buy the USB Battery Charger?

Buy at GearBest
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  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price