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Sneak-preview – Coming at Gadget-Freakz

Xiaomi Aquara Preview

We here at Gadget-Freakz love to tinker and experiment with new gadgets. It doesn’t matter what kind of gadget it is, from a tiny Bluetooth sensor to a giant 3d-printer, it’s all wonderful. This also means there is a lot to review and write about. In this sneak-preview we’d like to show you the tip of the iceberg, so to speak, on what’s coming up in the following weeks! Without further ado, here’s a sneak-preview for the coming weeks on Gadget-Freakz.



Most of the Domoticz and Home-assistant users already use products like Philips hue, Ikea or Xiaomi. But every brand has his own bridge/gateway. There are some dongles available that can communicate with several brands, but the downside of it is that they are not opensource, really cheap and don’t be plug and play. But that is changed now!
Koen Kanters with username Koekkk started the project zigbee2mqtt.
This project contains very good quality documentation. 
We already bought the hardware and have most of the products that are compatible, so we are coming soon with a major article and review tutorial. We think this could be big!!

Home automation – Xiaomi motion detector

We know you like home automation. Heck, of course, we do too! There’s nothing better than being able to turn on your lights while not having to get up off of the sofa. Just use your phone, like you do for everything else, right? But what’s better than using your phone you ask? Well, not needing your phone at all of course.

With the Xiaomi Smart Home Aquara Human Motion Sensor you can configure your smart appliance to react to your presence or absence! How cool is that!  It works with a wireless ZigBee connection and can recognize movement from 7 meters away. We’re comparing this motion sensor to the older model:

Xiaomi Smart Home Aquara Human Motion Sensor preview
The older famous chrap Zigbee motion sensor of Xiaomi

TV Entertainment – Alfawise Android TV Box

Practically every television you buy today comes with some sort of smart-TV operating system, and this is not always the best option. Especially in cheaper TV’s the processor is not always powerful enough to hold up during the lifetime of using it. 

A simple solution for this is to use a smart-tv box next to your tv. This way you can upgrade your hardware without needing to buy a completely new television. And these smart-tv boxes with Android are not all that expensive either. The Alfawise A8 BOX for example is about 25-30 bucks, which gives you Android 8.1, something my television probably won’t even get. But is this a viable solution? That’s something we’d like to test ourselves. Be on the lookout for our review in the coming weeks.

Alfawise A8 BOX android device preview

DIY tinkering – Alfawise U20 3D Printer

When I mentioned a 3D printer in the introduction of this post I wasn’t kidding. We’re currently testing out the Alfawise U20 3D printer, and we couldn’t be more exited about it!

The printer has a 2.8″ printing pad, and we’re currently testing it with all kinds of little gadgets. From a replacement battery door for a GoPro camera to a clip for some Dyson attachments, you name it, with this printer you can create it yourself. You do have to construct it yourself, but that’s half the fun, right?

We’re still looking at cool projects to print on Thingiverse, but if you’d like us to try something out, please let us know. We hope to be able to publish this review as soon as possible. Be on the lookout for this awesome review, you don’t want to miss this one.

Alfawise U20 3d printer preview

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Home-Automation compatibility
  • Price