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Digoo DG FT2203 Smart Bluetooth BBQ Thermometer


I love to barbecue as you probably noticed when I posted about crucial BBQ Gear earlier this month. One of the most important things during barbecue is measuring the temperature of the meat or fish you are cooking. I already own an analog traditional temperature sensor but that has some downsides: you have to open the BBQ to check the temperature and it does not give alerts nor does it have an app (yes I love apps and connectivity). So it is time to review a Bluetooth thermometer and especially the Digoo DG-FT2203 to put an end to analog measuring. No more worrying about the meat will be somewhat raw or rather overcooked? The Digoo DG-FT2203 bluetooth cooking thermometer will show and alert you exactly when your meat is ready.

diggo dg ft2203



Specifications as stated on banggood:

Model                       DG-FT2203 Smart Bluetooth LED & LCD Display BBQ Kitchen Cooking Thermometer
Size5.8 x 8.5 x 2.7 cm
Probe Length122mm
Funtionbluetooth 4.0 Wireless Data Transmissions
LCD Display
LED Alert Device
APP Control
Timer Setting
Resolution1 ° Over Full Range 
Temp DisplayLED & LCD 
bluetooth Range25 Meters ( Open Territory )
Temperature ModeºF / ºC Adjustable
Temperature Range                     -30℃ – 300℃ ( -22℉ – 572℉ )
Battery2 x  AAA ( Not Include )
Fast Preset Temperature Setting  Chicken / Turkey / Pork / Beef / Lamb / Ham / Veal / Fish


The package is simple but effective: a little carton box.

What’s in the box

1 x Digoo DG-FT2203 LED Touch Screen Digital bluetooth Cooking Thermometer 
2 x Digoo DG-FT2203 Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
1 x Digoo DG-FT2203 User Manual

Digoo DG FT2203 box complete


Save You Time & Effort
This top notch digital cooking and barbecue thermometer features a bluetooth V.4.0 wireless data transmissions and APP control function that lets you know on the phone when the ideal temperature has been reached . Now, you won’t have to stand by the oven and spend your time waiting.
Preset Temperature and Timer
Digoo DG FT2203 BBQ thermometer has preset temperatures for all types of food and their various cooking levels . Includes Beef, Veal, Lamb, Chicken, Pork, Fish, Turkey, Hamburger,etc., You can also customize the temperatures and timer to suit your personal taste. 
Make Cooking Easier
Set the type of food and your preferred doneness level, both the bluetooth digital thermometer and your phone will beep when your meat is cooked to perfection. Therefore you can stop worrying about overcooking or undercooking again.
Two Modes ( Cooking Thermometer & Timer )
This Digital Thermometer can be used as a Cooking Thermometer or Cooking Timer because of the easy switch setting button. 

Test of the Digoo DG FT2203

Installation and setup in a few steps:

bbq temperature sensor
Mounted on my Komado

The app for the Digoo DG FT2203 has some extra features:

  • Make adjustments fast and simple
  • Profiles for setting alerts
  • Make pictures of your meat with the current temperature displayed on it


On the Digoo DG FT2203 you can see the current temperatures and set alert. As you can see below is that 25 degrees Celsius is the current temperature, below that you can see the Alert temperature. When alert temp is reached it colors red, if everything is fine: green. Simple!

Build Quality & Design

Design of the Digoo DG FT2203 is not in Apple or Xiaomi style, but what do you expect from a affordable kitchen barbecue devices like this. So it’s an effective and functional device and not a piece of art. Hence, the quality and durability are more important. Things like battery life, it having a stand so you can read it from your lazy chair, but also two little magnets so you can attach it to your barbecue and it won’t fall of the table are nice features.

Complementary Products / Alternatives

The Digoo DG FT2203 is the big brother of this devices and has one extra probe and touch screen instead of buttons.

DG FT2203 at work
The magnetic mounting is great!

pro / cons


  • Affordable
  • Loud speaker for alerts
  • Magnetic and a standard
  • Very simple and good free app


  • No batteries included


I’m very happy with the Digoo DG FT2203. Firstly, for such a good price you get a very easy to use temperature meter. Besides that it is accurate and stable. And the best of it: you can use it stand alone, but also due the bluetooth 4.0 option with the free app. BBQ without checking temperature is a no go, so this device is a not to have but a needed gadget.

Where to buy?

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price