Choosing for Domoticz

Domoticz tutorial Why choose domoticz?

When you want to make you home smarter and step into the world of home-automation (domotica) it a little bit overwhelming. There are several systems to buy or download: Commercial systems like Homey, Homewizzard or Fibaro Homecenter. Or other software projects like Home-Assistant, Openhab, Jeedom or Domoticz. This is just a small selection of the platforms available. There are too many! Here why you should be choosing for Domoticz.

Update: this information is a bit dated. The arguments to choose for the system still apply but there are players in the smart home field. You can find better information in our comparison between Domoticz and Home Assistant.

Why should you be choosing for Domoticz?

  • It’s only software. But cross-platform so you decide the hardware you install it on.
  • It’s free because it’s open-source.
  • It is not depending on one specific brand or protocol.
  • It’s easy. When installed you can configure it through the webpage.
  • It also for hobbyists who want to script or program.
  • It has a nice community.
  • Your data is not shared with the cloud.
  • Many automation options: timers, blocky, Lua, Python, bash etc.
  • Besides the site which you can use on your phone, there are also some nice mobile apps.

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