Update RFLink Gateway Firmware automatically

It’s important to use the latest firmware on your RFLink. The developers of RFLink adding support for new hardware continues. The list of compatible hardware grows really fast. You can check the changelog at their original website: rflink.nl

Updating firmware can be time-consuming. Normally you go to the website to check if there is a newer version, then download the files and update. This process can be automated of course!

Log in with SSH and fire the commands below to install the prerequisites, download the scripts, and set up a cronjob to schedule the update checker.


sudo apt-get install python2.7 avrdude
wget https://github.com/roondar/RFLink-update/archive/master.zip
unzip master.zip
cp settings.ini.tpml settings.ini
chmod 755 update_RFLink.py
echo "0 12 * * * root /root/RFLink-update-master/update_RFLink.py" >> /etc/crontab

The creator of this script and method is Roondar (thank you very much for sharing!)
His source is placed on GitHub: https://github.com/roondar/RFLink-update


Check firmware version in Domoticz

To check which version is currently installed on your RFLink go to: Setup>Hardware and you see a version number at the RFLink row like the picture below:

RFLink gateware firmware version in Domoticz