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Xiaomi ZMI 15.000mAh QC3.0 USB Powerbank


Welcome to this Xiaomi ZMI QB815 15.000mAh QC3.0 USB Powerbank review, it’s different than our other reviews because it’s tested by dodge who gave his permission to share his great work with us/you! In this video, dodge_911 tests a ZMI QB815 15.000mAh QC3.0 USB PD Powerbank with a built-in USB hub sent to me by BangGood. It’s the first video where he really can test the USB PD side of things too, and also probably one of the last videos supported by BangGood.
For those of you who don’t want to watch it, you’ll find the review notes, conclusion and information below the video.



Review notes

Let’s start off with performance regarding output current: most of the manufacturers’ specifications are met and well exceeded, except for 5V and 12V on the Type-C port.
It’s not much though, so I wouldn’t worry too much about it. I am surprised that charging the power bank using 12V/QC3.0 is a bit faster than charging using 15V/USB PD.
Charging at 20V is quite a luxury and very fast.
Just make sure you have a power supply that can handle what this thing needs to charge. I had one issue with a 30W charger, but that could have been due to my forced USB PD setup.
I switched to a 45W charger after that issue for all USB PD testing.


The output capacity using 5V/USB exceeds manufacturer specified typical capacity, that’s a very good score! Using 12V/QC3.0 output this powerbank does a little bit worse, but it still exceeds manufacturer specified typical capacity.
Using 20V/USB PD the output capacity is a little below typical spec,  but it is still one of the better performing powerbanks I have tested.
In fact, this is the first powerbank that exceeds the capacity specs; others have come close, but this one beats them all at 5V and 12V.
Passthrough charging is supported, but output voltage is limited to 5V on both USB-A ports.
The Type-C port can output a different voltage.
This powerbank can not be used as a sort of UPS, whenever power is connected the powerbank will reset, interrupting its output.
The USB hub is a nice and quite unique feature, which I like a lot.


This powerbank performs very well in all of my tests. Better than its’ bigger brother even, very impressive.
The output capacity I measured at 5V and 12V even went past the manufacturer specs, as previously stated. So If you’re looking for a lot of power and you need the USB hub functionality, I definitely recommend taking a look at this one.


This ZMI QB815 15.000mAh USB PD/QC 3.0 powerbank with USB hub is available at BangGood, check for a product link below or in the description of the video.

You’ll also find a link to the PBCC Google Sheet so you can compare these results to the 40-something powerbanks I’ve tested before.

Where to buy?

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➤ Google sheets doc for comparison : http://bit.ly/drpbcc

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