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Xiaomi Mijia Air Quality Tester


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The Xiaomi Mijia Air Quality Tester is an interesting air analyzer. It can analyse different aspects of your internal climate: it can detect the PM2.5 content in the air, detects volatile organic matter and carbon dioxide. Next to that, it also measures temperature and relative humidity of the air. It comes with an interface with touch screen. This interface can be customized. You can either integrate the Air Quality Tester in your smart home system or use it on its own. So all in all this device is the way to monitor and optimize the inner climate of your house.

Main Features

  • Desktop handheld can be used as a stand alone device
  • Remote monitoring, view home air quality anytime, anywhere with the mi home app.
  • Built-in Bluetooth Gateway function (works with mi flora for example)
  • Power connector: USB Type-C
  • Support system: Android 4.3, or iOS9.0 and above
  • Wireless connection: WiFi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz

Specifications of the Mijia Air Quality Tester

  • Product size: 109 × 64 × 29.5mm
  • Product net weight: 182g
  • Battery type: lithium ion battery
  • Input parameters: 5VE: 1A
  • Power connector: USB Type-C
  • Support system: Android43 or S90 and above
  • Wireless connection: Vi-Fi IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2. 4GHZ
  • Screen size: 3.97 inches
  • Screen resolution: 800 × 480p

Package Contents

  • Air Monitor
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Chinese Manual

Official Mi Home Mobile apps

The Mi Home App can be used for remote monitoring and connecting the device to your smart home system, so that the Air Quality Tester becomes an extension of and sensor in this system. The Mi Home apps be downloaded from the following places:

The Xiaomi Mijia Air Quality Tester is developed by Xiaomi. Xiaomi markets a wide range of products, which ranges from Smart Phones to Smart Vacuum Robots. Therefore, make sure to check out their global site for more information.

Xiaomi Mija Air Detector Air Quality Monitor
Xiaomi Air Quality

Product Name: Xiaomi Mija Air Detector Air Quality Monitor

Product Description: Measure the indoor air quality with the Xiaomi Mija Air Detector Air Quality Monitor (KQJCY02QP). It does TVOC, CO2, PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity Measurement.

Brand: Xiaomi


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Currency: Euro

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  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Home-Automation compatibility
  • Price


We think it’s clear that the Xiaomi MiJia Air Quality Detector (KQJCY02QP) is an easy option for most of the reeders. It has lots of sensors (TVOC, CO2, PM2.5, Temperature and Humidity Measurement.) and an Apple stylish design. Xiaomi could improve the software with other languages and weather info for people outside China.
Adding the Xiaomi sensor data into Domoticz or Home Assistant can be hard!


  • Affordable
  • Real Time data (accurate)
  • Clear display
  • Also in English
  • plug and play


  • it can be hard to obtain the token.
  • you need to put some effort into it to get it working into Home Assistant or Domoticz.

Additional information




Mi Home, Home-Assistant, Domoticz


Battery powered


Bluetooth, Wifi

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