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Blitzwolf is a brand of gadget and gadget accessories offered through online platforms as Gearbest, Banggood and Amazon. They started in 2015 with the mission: make what customers really want not just what they need. This results in products with good quality and with interesting underlying technology. The price is not the lowest, but the quality of the products is pretty good. So when look for a charger, USB cable, smart socket, Bluetooth speaker or soundbar, check out the Blitzwolf product range.

Everyone charges, everyone runs flat, everyone’s had a bad cable and everyone has been confused with new tech. Blitzwolf took these concerns and aimed to make reliable simple technology that lasts.

Now our range has expanded to cover not only charging but also home robotics and computing. They are continuously developing new solutions to smart living and aim to keep you powered until devices power themselves.

Blitzwolf aims to be in the value market. They balance features, power, and price to create something that performs and looks brilliant. They are not as flamboyant in communication or have glamorous packaging, but keep costs down and avoid wastage by carefully selecting what to develop.