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Men Casual Durable Canvas Backpack with USB Port

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Whether you go to work, go to school or go on a weekend trip you need a bag or backpack to take your stuff with you. I have two backpacks, the Xiaomi 20L is used for work and another 10+ year old backpack I use to carry my laptop around. My old backpack was at the end of its useful life and I had not found a new one. So I decided to order an in-between backpack, and found a cheap canvas backpack that was large enough to fit my laptop, cable collection and notebook. In the mean time I would continue my search for the perfect backpack, or would I?



Specifications as stated on GearBest

  • Features: Wearable
  • Brand: DXYIZU
  • Gender: Men
  • Material: Canvas
  • Style: Casual,Fashion
  • Type: Backpacks
  • Product weight: 0.6300 kg
  • Size: 32 x 16 x 49 cm
  • Shoulder strap length: 40 – 78cm
  • Capacity: can store 17 inch laptop, A4 magazine


It was a bit of a gamble and I hoped that the DXYIZU canvas backpack would at least be firm enough to hold all my stuff. I had never heard of the brand DXYIZU and on Gearbest the product isn’t even marketed under that name but under a general name.


The canvas backpack was shipped in a plastic bag.

What’s in the box

In the bag you can find the canvas backpack and a 10 cm long USB-A (female) to Micro USB cable (to connect your power bank to).


Features as stated on GearBest

  • Large capacity for storing essential belongings
  • USB port, easy access and convenient to charge on-the-go
  • Made of canvas material, durable and scratch-resistant
  • Comfortable and adjustable shoulder straps, reduce the burden of shoulder
  • Stylish design, makes you outstanding from others

Build Quality & Design

The overall finish could be better, but is okay. Next to the some loose strings on some of the seems, the main label on the back even contains a spelling error. But no major issues, the backpack feels very solid and the canvas is of good quality.


Layout of the backpack

Let’s start with the layout: it has plenty of pockets. The main pocket has a large capacity and a separate compartment for a laptop up to 17 inch or an A4 notebook. I was able to put three ring binders and my laptop while I still was able to close the backpack. The second compartment of the backpack can be used to store smaller things, like a A5-sized notebook, your tablet and there are sections to store objects like your phone and passport. On the side there are meshed pockets to store for example a bottle of water and on the front there is a small pocket for small objects you want to have within hand’s reach. So the layout it pretty comprehensive.

USB connection

The main feature for which the canvas backpack is marketed is the integrated USB port on the side of the backpack, which you can use to charge your phone. A 10 cm long USB-A (female) to Micro USB cable is supplied to connect your power bank to the socket on the side of the backpack. 10 cm is a bit short to connect your power bank to, but the socket is feels pretty solid and you can easily replace the cable with a longer one. Because of the female USB-A connection that sticks out the backpack, you can connect your own charging cable of your phone.

Other features

Some of the features are quite useful. One of them is the padded meshing on that relieves your back when you wear the backpack. It is and stays comfortable so it keeps the space between the backpack and your back well ventilated. There are also some anti-theft features likes to hook buckle on top of the backpack. I don’t think they will prevent you 100% from being pick-pocketed, but they will make your backpack a less attractive target.

Canvas Backpack Anti Theft Buckle
The anti-theft buckle

Water resistance

Out of the box the backpack is not water resistant. Nobody said it would be water resistant, but the outer layer absorbed that water I sprayed on it immediately. Because the backpack has an inner layer the water did not reach the inside, but I expect it will eventually. After I sprayed it with a textile impregnation spray it became water resistant (which means that the water drops stayed on the surface and were not absorbed). So if you plan to buy this backpack and you expect you are going to expose it to bad weather, make sure you make it water resistant.

Pro / cons


  • The canvas backpack looks and feels pretty nice.
  • Has a USB connection so you can charge your phone and even comes with a cable.


  • Some sloppiness in the finish.
  • Not water resistant (but can be fixed easily with a textile impregnation spray).
  • The included USB cable is 10 cm and has only a Micro USB connector to connect to your power bank.

Price quality

For the price you get a decent backpack with lots of space and a lot of useful features.


I went on a local shopping trip and have not found the local twin of the DXYIZU canvas backpack. But with its materials, features and storage capacity I expect it will cost you at least three times the price compared to what you pay for it at Gearbest. Probably the quality will be slightly better. but a spelling error in the label doesn’t make this backpack less a backpack. Moreover: If you are not a sucker for branded backpacks, I think some of the China web-shops offer a very interesting collection of of well-featured backpacks at a fraction of the price.

where to buy?

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