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Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 LED Ceiling Light




Don’t be scared of the name of the Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL. It is just a 65 cm ceiling light. Although that’s not totally true: it is much more that that. The Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 smart LED ceiling light supports voice control that can work with Alexa / Google Home to control the light. You can turn on/off the light without getting up. Color temperature can be adjusted as your request, soft brightness will not affect your sleep. Colorful background lights with 16 million colors can create a variety of light atmosphere for different scenes. Meets all your needs for a light.

Main Features of the Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL

  • Multiple control modes: wall switch, remote control, mobile APP, AI speaker, Mi Band linkage control
  • Link with Mi band that automatically turns off the light when you fall asleep
  • Smart linkage with AI speaker to voice control and adjust the light
  • Comes with Bluetooth remote controller without worrying about signal blocking
  • Remote control the light via MIJIA APP or Yeelight APP
  • Using quality RGB strip light to giving out 16 million light colors for different scenes
  • 2700K – 6000K adjustable color temperature, color temperature and brightness free adjustment
  • High color rendering index (CRI) up to Ra95
  • Using refracted light which is softer and eye-protection
  • Moonlight mode, ultra-low brightness, no matter wake up or sleep will not glare
  • Dust-proof seal design and luminous cavity anti-mosquito design, say goodbye to dust and flying insects
  • 5 minutes quick installation with unique quick install module, coupler power mode and fast junction box

Official Mi Home Mobile apps

When you use the app to control the JIAOYUE YLXD02YL you get a number of extra features, like setting the color, intensity of the light and setting scenes. You can even connect your Mi Band through the Mi Home app to let the light turn off automatically when you fall asleep. The Mi Home App that can be used with the JIAOYUE YLXD02YL can be downloaded on the following places:

The Yeelight app:

Notes on the JIAOYUE YLXD02YL

  • Yeelight ceiling lights, all products with WIFI controller support Alexa and Google Home
  • Remote controller need CR2032 battery, domestic shipping with battery, international shipping without battery (both of all)
YLXD02YL 650 LED Ceiling Light
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Home-Automation compatibility
  • Price


The Yeelight JIAOYUE YLXD02YL 650 LED Ceiling Light is a RGB light with a fixture of 65 cm. Use the remote or control it through the app or via voice. The voice control that can work with Alexa / Google Home to control the light.


  • Elegant design
  • Smart, works in Xiaomi ecosystem and with remote control (not included in all versions).
  • Adjustible colors and brightness.
  • Works with Smart Home Systems and can even be connected to your Mi Band.
  • Moonlight mode.


  • A bit pricey

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