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Baseus 15W Wireless Car Charger



The Baseus 15W Wireless Car Charger (Baseus Milky Way Electric Bracket Wireless Charger) is a smart phone holder for your car with integrated Wireless Charging. It has 15 Watt of power so charges pretty quick, has integrated LED lights and auto clamping technology.


  • Baseus Milky Way Electric Bracket Wireless Charger (15W)
  • Material ABS+Aluminium alloy
  • Color Black/Silver
  • Installation method Clamp-on
  • Fixed position Air outlet
  • Input 12V/1.67A(Max);9V/2A;5V/2A;
  • Baseus Wireless Charger Size 83x115x118mm
  • Weight 170g


Installation of the Baseus is simple: first mount the clamp in the air outlet vent. After this is installed in a stable way, you mount the charging unit with the ball mount on top of it. Connect the included micro USB cable to a (not included) USB to 12V adapter and you are ready to go!

Using the Baseus 15W

Captain Obvious here, but just to be sure: this wireless charger can only charge phones that support wireless charging. Most of the recent phones do support this, but you should check your phone specifications whether yours does as well.

The auto clamping mechanism activates when it is powered and when you place your smart phone in it. The LED light does not just look stylish, but it also indicates the charging state of your phone. When you power off your engine the holder opens up. If you need to remove your phone when the engine is on, you can press the quick release button on the back of the charger.

About Baseus

Baseus is a digital accessory brand under Shenzhen Times Innovation Technology Co., Ltd., that integrates R&D, design, production and sales, which was founded in 2009. They sell through different Chinese and local e-commerce channel, for example. The Baseus 15W Wireless Car Charger is one of their products, but they also sell various other types of accessories for in car, your home and on the road.

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price


The Baseus 15W Milky Way Wireless Car Charger is a very well designed smart phone holder and Wireless charger for in your car. Some of the features seem to be a bit gimmicky (the auto clamp mechanism and the LED light) but they turn out to be quick useful and stylish. Both large and smaller smart phones fit very well and will not scratch because of the padding. I think the air outlet holder could be a bit closer to the air outlet, because it makes the holder stick out quiet a bit and weighs on the air outlet roster. But once the charger is in place, it does a perfect job.


  • Great design
  • Auto clamping mechanism
  • 15W charger


  • A bit expensive
  • Length of mount is a bit long
  • Micro USB cable
  • No 12V adapter included