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GearBest: A huge Chinese webshop that ships products worldwide

What is GearBest?

GearBest is a fast growing e-commerce platform that origins in China and sells tons of products in over more then a hundred categories,  we like them especially for their (electronic) gadgets.

The gadgets we reviewed on this website are all available from GearBest.
Why GearBest.and not Ali-express or another Chinese store.

A lot of the products we review or use in our how-to articles are available at Gearbest. If possible, we link to this product on Gearbest. A couple of reasons why we buy at Gearbest:

  • Gearbest is a Chinese webshop that has proven to be reliable.
  • Almost every must-have electronic gadget is available,
  • They are working often with discount coupons (we share them with you under deals)
  • They have good support and after sales (chat, ticket system, Facebook etc),
  • Lots of shipping methods and possibilities.
  • They have a loyalty system, which gives you points for every product you buy. This can save you a lot of money on future purchases.
  • They provide you insight into the warehouses and offer you the choice to choose the warehouse where your order will be shipped from (and sometimes even stock levels). This is very transparent but makes ordering a bit less simple.
  • Depending on the chosen warehouse and shipping method shipping will usually be a bit longer than when buying at a local web shop. However, Gearbest already has a large number of warehouses in Europe which cuts down the shipping time significantly (for the exact details, continue reading).

Some Important buying tips

If you want to buy a product, check out the availability in the different warehouses. If you reside in the European Union, it is better to choose one of the GW warehouses. They are located inside the EU which saves you customs excise costs. Not only do you save on customs costs but because of the location, you will get the goods faster, mostly within 7 workdays. The trade-off of using one of the GW warehouses is that it is often a little bit more expensive compared for example the China warehouses.

Gearbest warehouse options

When you choose for shipping from warehouses in China or Hong Kong and the total order + shipping costs exceed 22 euro, we advice you to choose the shipping method ‘Priority line’. When you choose this method, most of the times customs will not charge you any import duties. But if they do charge them, Gearbest will pay them. The only downside of this method is that it costs about four weeks of delivery most of the times. If you got charged the import duties you need your invoice, so you can raise a ticket at Gearbest support so you can receive a refund of the charged import duties.

Is there a warehouse in your country?

GearBest has many warehouses around the world, and you can check Gearbest warehouse country location codes in the following table:

Warehouse LocationWarehouse Name
ENGLANDFast-27, UK-W, Fast-09CN-001, G-W-15
ITALYFast-010, Fast-36
USUS-5, US-LA, US-NYC, US-NY,US-1, US-2, US-3, US-4

GearBest Order tracking

To serve our customers better, Gearbest has cooperated deeply with 1tracking site

1tracking is a website that can automatically distinguish different couriers, and it makes multiple order tracking possible while allowing you to access from different platforms, like GearBest, Banggood, Zaful and etc. Simple designed for you to use, all you need to do is to insert your tracking number and click search.

When visiting the 1tracking official site( on your PC, you could experience its functions or characteristics as follows. It includes tracking all your packages with multiple numbers in one place,auto-detecting local and international logistics providers, easily duplicating logistic proces info, auto-filter out invalid tracking number, getting instant updates and sending reminder emails. No matter u are e-commerce retailers or shopaholic users, 1Tracking is a necessary website for u to track global parcel with free access. Get started with your fast search experience.

More info can be checked here:

You can track your orders with 17track. https://www.17track.netType in your tracking number here and choose a carrier.

17TRACK provides ALL-IN-ONE package tracking service. The web/apps are translated into multiple language versions, and the users are from around 220 countries and areas. Why 17? 17TRACK pronounces as ‘Track All Together’ in Chinese. This is a well functioning platform and has also a good app to track your order. When you log in with an account like Facebook you can track all your orders on all of your devices.

You can also use: Track24 For  Priority Line orders you can also track your orders with DPD.

How to use discount coupons

GearBest is working a lot with coupon codes. Gadget-freakz provides the codes on the discount codes page.  How to use the coupons you find out below. But keep in mind that the coupons only work with the links provided. Most of the time the coupon is valid for a certain period and also a specific warehouse.

  1. Search on GearBest or for the product that you want to buy. In our reviews, we link to the right product pages.
  2. When you are on a product page of GearBest through our links click  ‘Add to Cart‘. add-to-cart
  1. Go to your shopping cart. In the right upper corner:  view my cart.
  2. Here you can fill in the coupon you got from gadget-freakz.
  3.  Then you see changing the values of totals and you can proceed the checkout.

20 things you need to know when shopping on GearBest

Check this article of GearBest itself:   Article

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