About Gadget-Freakz.com

We have always been passionate about gadgets and smart home. Next to that, we frequently buy China gadgets to extend our gadget collection and to improve our smart home setup. Since we love to talk about these products and we like to share how we get them to work in our Smart Home setup, we decided to start Gadget-Freakz.com in 2018. So if you are planning to buy a noise-cancelling headset or want to know whether and how to integrate a sensor into your Domoticz or Home Assistant setup, you can find it at Gadget-Freakz.com.

What we love

For us Gadget-Freakz.com is a side-project besides our full-time job. This has some disadvantages but this makes that we are and will remain objective. Our opinion is not for sale and if we think a product sucks, we tell your so.   

What we don’t like

  • Too many remote controls
  • One app for each device
  • Sharing our data with big companies
  • Plastic blister packaging

Who determines what we publish

Most of the products we will order ourselves because we actually need (or want) them, we think we can write a interesting article on it, or we are just curious how a product can be produced for such a low price and if it is any good. In some occasions suppliers send us products so we can test them. However, we reserve the right to determine about what products and topics we write. No-one else determines what we publish. For some of the reviewed items we organize give-away, make sure you like our Facebook page to stay informed on these events.

Do we make money?

It’s not a very cheap hobby, but we like to do it and we do not aim to get rich by it. To cover some of our costs for hosting and buying the gadgets for review, we generate money on two ways:

  • Google Adsense: we show advertisements on Gadget-Freakz.com and make a small amount for each click .
  • Referral programs: if you click to the product page of the reviewed item and decide to order a product on that web shop, we earn a small fee for the order.

Where you can find us

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