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Domoticz 2021.1 is released!


After a (strange) year a new version of Domoticz, called ‘Domoticz 2021.1’ is released by Gizmocuz.
In a year lot’s of work is done by Gizmocuz and other developers. New features, bug fixes and a few changes.


Domoticz official Docker

The fact that Domoticz released an official docker is great! It give users more flexibility to backup and restore and installatie can be easier. Great!https://hub.docker.com/r/domoticz/domoticz

Domoticz 2021.1 docker tutorial
Running Domoticz from a Docker instance can be a bit scary, but the site provides a step-by-step guide to get your Domotics Docker container up and running. Maybe Domoticz 2021.1 is a good moment to switch to containerized instances.

Domoticz 2021.1 Changelog

To many changes to list, but here is a recap of the most important changes:
Version 2021.1 (April 17 2021)
– Implemented: Added option to set loglevel per hardware device
– Implemented: Added optional parameter ‘level’ to addlogmessage JSON
– Implemented: AirconWithMe wifi module
– Implemented: Allow complete IPv6 address in local network setting
– Implemented: Allow custom icons for thermostat setpoints on floorplan
– Implemented: Allow custom icons for utility sensors
– Implemented: Build systems for linux based on github actions
– Implemented: Build system for docker
– Implemented: Counter meter type now supports a divider
– Implemented: Custom icons for RGB/W
– Implemented: GUI; Auto refresh feature for graphical logs
– Implemented: Hardware Monitor, Add clock speeds for Raspberry Pi
– Implemented: Honeywell, Add cooling control and Fahrenheit support
– Implemented: Internal light commands for Fan types Casafan, FT1211R, Falmec, LucciAirDCII, IthoECO and Novy
– Implemented: Inverted energy icon colors in report
– Implemented: Max. Watt settings for power devices (defaults to 6000W)
– Implemented: Mercedes Me API’s (BYOCAR) as an (e)Vehicle supporting lock/open, odo, fuellevel
– Implemented: Meteorologisk (Meteorologisk institutt Norway) hardware support
– Implemented: P1 Meter, added support for Encryption
– Implemented: RFXCom Byron BY doorbell
– Implemented: RSSI support for Distance Sensor, Moisture Sensor, Watt Meter, kWh Meter
– Implemented: RTL433, Added RF Signal Strength in device tab based on reported SNR
– Implemented: RTL433, Added Pressure (PSI) type
– Implemented: RTL433, Added UV type
– Implemented: RTL433, Added X-10 Security support
– Implemented: RTL433, Switched to Json input
– Implemented: Teleinfo over TCP
– Implemented: Websocket notification for secondary/sub devices
– Implemented: ZWave, Legend and tooltips in Neighbors overview
– Updated: API/JSON: added API to delete daterange in history logs for one ID
– Updated: Blebox; use of the latest SwitchBox APIthe latest SwitchBox API
– Updated: dzVents; version 3.1.7 ( https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/DzVents:_ … _scripting )
– Updated: eVehicles; added ODO meter, unlock/open alert, max charge level to Tesla module
– Updated: eVehicles; added option to manual set API key
– Updated: EvoHome; decode, display and store hotwater setpoint
– Updated: GUI; Lay-out of notifications tab
– Updated: MQTT; added option to choose notification subsystem
– Updated: MQTT; added publish schemes: device index, device name and implemented custom topics for in- and outbound messages
– Updated: OpenZWave; configuration files
– Updated: OpenZWave; Added Volatile Organic Compound sensor
– Updated: Openweathermap; use latest API and overall improvements
– Updated: OTGW; ready for firmware 5.0 and added domestic hot water flow rate
– Updated: Plugin manager: ready for Python 3.9+
– Updated: Plugwise; update of scene selector and added a migration process
– Updated: SolarEdge; add support for 3 Phase inverters
– Updated: Tado; add support for per-zone Open Window Detection
– Updated: TTNMQTT; Better GPS/Locations handling, distance calculation (Geofencing)
– Updated: TTNMQTT; Improved calculation and storage of signal-levels
– Updated: USBTin; Added support for Bloc 9
– Updated: Xiaomi; added new device types
– Changed: Devices, ZWave, each node as separate hardware for easy selection
– Changed: Differentiate kWh, kVah, kVar and kVarh
– Changed: During a database backup we now ‘sleep’ when the status != OK
– Changed: Energy devices allow negative values
– Changed: Use of Clang-Tidy rules to force ++ coding consistency
– Fixed: Annatherm Presets usage in Events. Please use the following percentages: 10% for Home, 20% for Away, 30% Night 40% for Vacation
– Fixed: Cache refresh issue on Safari
– Fixed: Changing a value from a Thermostat Setpoint via the JSON API/MQTT resulted in a double event trigger
– Fixed: Control for thermostat setpoints on floorplan
– Fixed: Compiling on systems with recent Python versions
– Fixed: Distance sensor was converting to miles instead of inches
– Fixed: Icon uploading from Linux clients/browsers
– Fixed: Floorplan uploading
– Fixed: Font in events editor on MacOS
– Fixed: Motherboard Sensors for big partitions
– Fixed: Possible crash in CEventSystem::SetEventTrigger
– Fixed: Preserve custom icon and description when switching device from used -> unused -> used
– Fixed: Prevent duplicate keys in preferences table
– Fixed: Pushtype selection mechanism
– Fixed: Sound device was incorrectly displayed on the Floorplan
– Fixed: Tado Zone/Home limit, setpoint mix-up
– Fixed: User field in device logging for switches, -text-devices and for groups/scenes
– Fixed: Windows installation respects configured log parameters
– Fixed: Zwave various issues
– For a full overview visit: https://www.domoticz.com/wiki/Domoticz_ … _-_Commits for detailsIf you have any issues, first step is to clear the browser’s cache + appcache (two different things!)


You can download the Domoticz 2021.1 version at: https://www.domoticz.com/downloads/

Or them you prefer docker:

Update your domoticz

Of Course it’s always a good to make a backup before updating your instance.

cd domoticz

Exit mobile version