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Zigbee in Domoticz with ZiGate plugin

ZiGate stick

After our article about the DIY Gateway, we noticed that zigbee is hot!!
But not every user is technical enough to build/flash and configure a DIY gateway and setup zigbee2mqtt. But there is an alternative: The ZiGate stick in combination with the ZiGate python plugin for Domoticz.

For more info about this device go to the French site: https://zigate.fr/
The stick is available in 3 versions and the cheapest USB version is 49 euro. That’s more expensive than the DIY gateway. But it’s a finished product with support.

ZiGate stick in Domoticz

The ZiGate plugin allows you to connect the USB/WiFi
ZiGate hardware to your Domoticz environment so you can get access to a comprehensive list of ZigBee devices. So far the plugin is capable to deal with most of ZLL (ZigBee Lightning devices) as Tradfri/Ikea, Philips Hue …). A number of Switches (On/Off) but also more complex with Power/Watts consumptions, Motion sensors etc.
They have already a set of Xiaomi devices operated through the plugin like door sensor, weather sensor, Motion sensor, smart plugs and many more.

You can find here a list of products which have been successfully operated through the Zigate Plugin with the Domoticz stack. On one side, the list could be considered quite small, but it is up to every user to report other devices, so they can expand the list and grow.

In parallel, the development community is working on the enhancement of the plugin in order to use more and more functionalities from the ZigBee norm.  When writing this article most users are using version 2.4 but there is also a beta 3.1.x branch on Github 😉 And the programmers are very active. When more users report there devices it would be better and better.

They are reachable by 2 channels:
English forum : viewforum.php?f=28 with Zigate tag
GitHub : https://github.com/sasu-drooz/Domoticz-Zigate

Thanks to: pipiche fot his contribution to this article and his work for the plugin!