Xiaomi 17PIN 400 ML Star Juicer Review


Summer is coming! And what’s better than relaxing and cooling down with some fresh juice or a freshly made smoothie? A while ago we reviewed the Xiaomi Youpin Kiss Fish, a multi function thermal flask. This turned out to be a really useful product. So we started looking for other food appliances of the Xiaomi sub brands and we stumbled upon the Xiaomi 17PIN Star Fruit Juicer, a portable juicer that allows you to make your fruit shakes and smoothies whenever and wherever you want them. Although we had our doubts on the practicality of a portable juicer, we decided to test it out.



The specifications of the Xiaomi 17PIN Star Fruit Juicer that are stated on Banggood:

  • Brand: Xiaomi
  • Color: Pink
  • Material: PP
  • Capacity: 400ml
  • Juicing: About 15 cups(In full recharge)
  • Battery capacity: 700mAh x 2
  • Working time: 30s at one time
  • Charging time: 2h
  • Working time: About 15 times(In full recharge)
  • Size: 187.8 x 85.5 x 85.5mm/7.39 x 3.36 x 3.36inch
  • Weight: Approx.495g

Expectations on the Xiaomi 17PIN Juicer

17PIN is one of the many brands owned by Xiaomi, but by it being a Xiaomi brand it sets the standard regarding expected design, quality and usability. As of every Xiaomi product we reviewed before we expect top quality and design at a reasonable price. As of a fruit juicer, it needs to be able to juice softer and harder fruit and some of the harder content like nuts. Despite it being a portable juicer, the battery needs to be sufficiently powerful to get the job done.


Just like the thermal flask we reviewed earlier, the Xiaomi 17PIN Star Fruit Juicer is clearly aimed at the Chinese market. The is packed in a retail package with Chinese texts on it. Because the cup is made of glass the product is especially well packed, kept firmly in place by foam molds.

Does it fit your mailbox?


What’s in the box

In the box you can find the following:

  • Glass cup
  • Plastic top.
  • USB Charger cable (no adapter included)
  • Chinese manual.
Contents of the 17PIN Juicer pack

Features of the Xiaomi 17PIN Star Fruit Juicer

The features as stated on Banggood:

  • Portable juice-making
  • Fully hidden head blade
  • Magnetic suction charging
  • Able to make 15 cups of juice when fully charged

Build Quality & Design

The product has a pretty simple but elegant design. The glass cup can hold 400 ml of liquid content, but the juicer has a maximum of 300 ml. Luckily there are clear indicator lines on the outside of the cup. The top of the juicer, which contains the blades, motor and battery is constructed of of hard plastic (PP). It has a single button that needs to be pressed twice to start the cutter. This is a good safety feature to prevent accidentally pressing the button while travelling. Another good safety feature of the 17PIN Juicer is that it will only start when the top is attached on top of the cup. It has a indicator led and a spot for the magnetic charger. Both the bottom of the cup and the top op the juicer have rubber rings to prevent the product from sliding.

Heath / Power consumption /Noise

When you double press the button on the 17PIN juicer the blade will start spinning and the device will auto shut off after running for 30 seconds. We heaven’t checked the actual capacity, but the specs state it has a 1400 mAh total capacity. This results in a total running time of about 30 minutes before recharge. When the power runs low the indication light will start blinking red. Next to that, run time will be decreased to 10 seconds, until you recharge the battery.

Portability / Mobility

Because of its battery you can bring the product everywhere. The product is solid enough to keep it in your suitcase, backpack or bag. The durable glass cup makes the product heavier than you would initially expect. But the 17PIN Juicer can also be used in a kitchen where it takes much less space compared to a full sized fruit juicer, but doing the same thing, but in smaller quantities.


Charging the done pretty easily. With the magnetic charging USB cable (no adapter) you just stick the magnetic connector on the top of the juicer. The indication light will light up red when charging and yellow when charging is completed.

Using the 17PIN Juicer

To use the juicer you first screw of the top. Then put in the chopped solid ingredients in the cup (e.g. fruit, nuts, ice) and top it off with a liquid (e.g. juice, yogurt). Then screw on the top, double press the button to activate the juicer and turn it upside down. The content will drop on top of the blades and it will start juicing. The blades will spin for 30 seconds and does the job well. Sometimes you need a second run and a gentle shake to blend all the content. The blades seem odd, but are sufficiently sharp and strong to do the job, even with harder to blend materials like ice cubes, nuts and dates. Using the juicer just as a chopper is not recommended. Because some of the solid materials will get stuck in the gap between the glass cup and the top.

Cleaning and portability

After you pour out the content in a glass, or drink it directly from the glass cup. You can clean out the glass cup and rinse of the juicer top. Although it is nowhere stated that the glass cup is dishwasher safe, I have ran in through the dishwasher for multiple times. The top of the juicer however, is not to be put in the dishwasher. Even keeping it under water is not recommended. Therefore, just gently rinse of the top after using the juicer.

The size and the battery make it very flexible to use. You can use it in a kitchen or on the go, at work or while camping. The USB cable charger gives you plenty of options for recharging when it runs out of juice (pun intended). The only trade-of made regarding mobility is that the cup is made of glass. Therefore the juicer is a bit heavier than if the cup was made of plastic.

Complementary Products / Alternatives

Xiaomi 17PIN Juicer is not only available with a pink top but it also comes in white.

Xiaomi also released the Pinlo Fruit Juicer, which is more aimed at outdoor. However, it does not come with a magnetic charging cable.

pro / cons


  • Simplistic design, pretty compact and takes minimal storage space.
  • Pretty strong motor
  • Safety features


  • Cleaning is a bit of a hassle, top is not dishwasher safe.
  • Why would you blend something while on a trip?


Xiaomi 17PIN Juicer is what we can expect from a Xiaomi: a great product with elegant design. Whether you should buy it or not, depends on your situation: If you plan to use it outside your house or you don’t want a juicer to take up too much space in the kitchen, the 17PIN Juicer is worth the investment. In case you are planning to use it every day for your whole family, I suggest you to go for a bigger juicer. The Xiaomi 17PIN Juicer is a quality product that originally retailed for over 60 dollars. However, when it is on sale or you have the right coupon. Price drops till less than 40 dollars. I think is can be worth it.

where to buy?

buy the Xiaomi 17PIN Juicer at Banggood

Buy the Xiaomi 17PIN Fruit Juicer at Banggood