Smart Meter Cable P1 (dutch DSMR cable)


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FTDI USB Cable for P1 Port Dutch Slimme Meter Kamstrup 162 382 EN351 Landis Gyr E350 Kaifa MA105 DSMR with Domoticz on Raspberry

Smart Meters allow grid operators and energy suppliers to remotely access your energy usage data. These meters primarily measure electricity usage.  But they also allow up to four peripheral meters to be connected to them to include usage data from gas and water. In some cases suppliers will allow their customers to view their own data through a web portal. At least in one case the supplier feeds back this information through a “free” device that replaces your room thermostat.

What makes these meters attractive is that they also report their data on a serial port that we can connect to and that this data contains the actual meter values. This means that by using the Smart Meter Cable you never need to adjust counter values because you missed a few pulses. The Smart Meter cable is easy to use by connecting a PC or Raspberry Pi or something with the USB port and the RJ-11 enters the meter (P1 port). The cable is approximately 1 meter long. You also keep your data local and do not go to your network operator.


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