BlitzWolf BW-LT11 5M EU Smart APP Control RGBW LED Light Strip Kit


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Model BW-LT11
Color Surface of Light Strip——White Back of Light Strip——Blue adhesive tape
Length 5m(16.4ft)/2m(6.6ft)/1m
Adapter 5M——EU/US 24W 2M——EU/US 24W (Support extended to 5m) 1M Extension——Without Adapter, it only supports using with BW-LT11 2M
Adapter Input EU: 230V 50/60Hz US: 110V 50/60Hz
Controller Input DC 12V/2A
Material 5M——FPC board + PU glue, 3M adhesive, PC 2M——FPC board + PU glue, 3M adhesive, PC 1M Extension——FPC board + PU glue, 3M adhesive
Water-proof+Swear-proof Light Strip: IP44 Controller: P20
Light Color 4000K White + RGB
Number of LEDs 5M——2835 4000K White*150pcs/5050 RGB*150pcs 2M——2835 4000K White*60pcs/5050 RGB*60pcs 1M Extension——2835 4000K White*30pcs/5050 RGB*30pcs
Chromogenic Index ≥80 Ra
Beam Angle 150°
Adjusting Light Effect White Color——Adjust Brightness Level Colorful Color——Adjust Brightness Level and Saturation
APP Control BlitzWolf, Compatible with Smart Life & Tuya Smart
Wifi Connection Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
Working Temperature -20 ~ 45℃
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Tuya Smart Life, Alexa, Google Home, Home-Assistant, Own app