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The Best Winter Sports Gadgets from China


Winter sports: one of my best holidays but also one of the most expensive ways to spend your days off. Before you can even enter a ski piste you need to have the right clothing and gear for snowboarding or skiing. And both the clothes and gear are not cheap. Luckily, some of the China web shops offer some of these winter sport gadgets at a more affordable price. So you save some money to get you some nice additional gadgets, like a 4K Action Cam! The only thing you need to keep in mind is that you should order in time due to the delivery time, but you can also choose to let the order ship from a non-Asian warehouse.


Cover your ass with protective shorts

A protective short is not the first thing you associate when reading about winter sports gadgets. But this one is based on personal experience: my first year when I started with snowboarding was hard. I ended up with bruises and little scrapes all over my back side, especially my buttocks . So I really recommend wearing a protection shorts for the less experienced winter sporters. But also the more experienced skiers and snowboarders can appreciate an extra layer of isolation and protection.

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Stay well hydrated with a Hip Flask

We strongly advise against combining skiing or snowboarding with drinking alcohol. The real drinking starts after skiing, that’s why this social activity is called ‘après-ski’. But taking a little booze with you in a hip flask is an ideal way to warm up in the cold. Everyone has its favourite brand for this, whether it is Jägermeister, an amaretto or or another liquor like Liqor 43. Share a little zip with your friends and warm up. Use this winter sports gadget if your like, but again: please keep it safe!

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Protect your eyes with Ski Glasses

When at the top of a mountain, the sun is much stronger and the reflection off the snow makes it even brighter. Therefore you should protect your eyes ski sunglasses. The ski glasses can be expensive but the glasses of the brand Copozz are not. The quality is great and they are very affordable. Still in doubt? Throw a pair of Copozz glasses in your bag and keep them as a spare. If your glasses (or the glasses of one of your friends) breaks or gets lost then you don’t need to pay the premium when buying them at the ski area.

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Warm your hands

If you are reading this you are probably not the slowest skier or snowboarder of the group. This is not always a good thing, because it means you often have to wait for others. This can be either at the top of the bottom of the slope, or someone in between. Or maybe you are the one who skies ahead to shoot pictures or video of the rest of the group. Either way, you have to wait while standing in the cold. At that moment, you long for something that keeps you warm. Here comes the next winter sports gadget: the Mini Hand Warmer. A powerbank you can also use as a personal heater to keep your hands and body warm.

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Film your trip, film the action!

You want to record as much as possible from the holiday so you can create and after movie. During the premiere of the after movie you can start planning the winter sports holiday for next year. Of course you can buy the latest Gopro action cam for the recording, but when you choose to buy a SJCAM you can buy two and still save money for extra accessories. The SJ8 Plus is more than capable to shoot a high quality and stable 4K movie.

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Take some extra juice with you

The amount of power outlets on top of the mountain is very scarce, so it is wise to plan ahead to keep your warmers, action cams and smart phones charged during the day. And also if you travel by bus for a large part of the trip, you should know that very few buses are equipped with outlets to charge your equipment. So its always good to have some extra energy with you.

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