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Review of the BlitzWolf BW-GC5 Gaming Chair for home workers or gamers


If you are a gamer of work from home you need a comfortable chair when working at your desk. With the BlitzWolf® BW-GC5 Gaming Chair you have a ergonomic chair for your home office or your gaming man cave. You already know BlitzWolf from their technical products like chargers, usb devices etc. But did you knew that they also offer Gaming chairs? We did not, so this was an extra reason to get the BlitzWolf® BW-GC5 Gaming Chair from Banggood.



  • Model: BW-GC5
  • Material: Superior PU/Mesh
  • Color: Red/Blue/Grey/Green
  • Weight:  19.5kg
  • Height Adjustment: 48-56cm
  • Maximum Load:180kg
  • Pillows: Detachable Pillows

Expectations of the BlitzWolf BW-GC5

I know BlitzWolf from the useful cables, good chargers, some IoT devices and other technical products. So when I saw the chair with the title gaming I expected over the top things like USB heaters, chargers and force feedback integrated. But the description was clear, this is not a typical Blitzwolf product, let’s find out it has the typical Blitzwolf quality!

Packaging of the BlitzWolf BW-GC5

19.5kg in a big cardboard box! All parts are packed separately.

What’s in the box?

Build & Test

The first thing after receiving the big box was unpacking all the separated parts. As you can see in the photos above. Beside the parts there was a BlitzWolf BW-GC5 manual that described the parts and the way you have to build the chair. It’s almost an ikea manual with the needed tools included. The only differences with Ikea instructions is that BlitzWolf not included the plastic bags with screws, The screws are already attached into the parts. So you don’t have to look for them and therefor the BW-GC5 was operational in no time!

And here is the result:

I have tested the chair for a week and this chair is better then my previous one. Normally at the end of the week my neck and shoulders are hurting like hell. Now that’s not the case. This fact is not a scientifically proven, but nevertheless I’m happy. The sectional pads provide good support for my total back, and the armrests are comfortable. You can adjust the height of the arm pads and the chair itself. And of course there is a foldout pad to rest your legs on.

Build Quality & Design

When building the chair I asked myself the question: will it be stable enough? And the answer is Yes! When the chair is put together it holds really well. Feels solid and stable and is very comfortable. There The looks are good and design is simple but nice. The fabric on the bottom of the chair is hold together with staples, but that is something that is quit common for these kind of chairs, even the more expensive ones.



BlitzWolf BW-GC5 Gaming Chair Ergonomic Design 130
  • Design
  • Price
  • Quality


The fact is that I’m not a gamer, but because of the current global situation I have to work at home full time. A comfortable chair is a must! The Blitzwolf chair in shipped in parts, very well packed and it was easy to put together.
The Blitzwolf chair have the features you expect from a chair and nothing more.
I’m 1.95 cm long and maybe a little too long for resting my head to the back. Because my length and usage (only for work) the footrest is a nice gimmick but I don’t use it.
It’s worth the money, in the Netherlands a shop called Jysk sells the same chair (other brand) for 139 euro and you have to go to the store. This one is cheaper at banggood and the total shipping time was 3 days.



  • Stable
  • Easy cleaning
  • Adjustable
  • Comfortable


  • Neck pillow not suitable for long people
  • Lumbar pillow maybe too big, it was nicer if it was adjustable (inflatable for example).


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