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11.11 Biggest China Sales event of 2020: get yourself some great sales!


11.11 Biggest China Sales event of 2020 is getting to start! In China 11 November (11.11) is annual Singles Day, a holiday. On this day, Chinese people either celebrate the pride of being single but also celebrate their relationships. Over the last year, this day became the largest shopping day in China, and it even spread over the world. Where both offline and online shops celebrate with big sales. Just like Black Friday, Singles Day also crosses borders and more and more boost sales in the rest of the world.


What do shops offer on the Singles day 2020 sale?

This festival is known for having timed sales, treasure hunts but above all very good discounts on a almost all products. So this day is a good moment to look at the Domoticz and Home Assistant compatible products and expand your smart home setup. Use this list to find the best smart sensors, sockets, lights and gateways and add the products to your cart on Gearbest or Banggood. You can also take it easy and add products to your shopping cart a couple of days in advance. Just wait for 11-11 to checkout and get all the discounts. We made sure the list is up to date and added some new Zigbee articles. Next to that we added the affordable Tuya compatible devices like the ones from Alfawise and Blitzwolf.

How can you get the best deals around 11.11?

So wait for checking out until the 11 november sale begins so you can see how much you save. So it’s can be worth to have some patience and wait a few days, it can save you some money. Last year both sites had some very good deals on the Zigbee compatible products from Xiaomi, we expect the sites this year will go beyond the special offer by having even better offers in a broader product range. All links are affiliate links, that helps us in keeping the site running, reviewing gadgets and writing tutorials.

Happy China shopping!

The biggest shops that take part in the 11.11 singles day sale, click on the logo to enter their sales page. Like mentioned before, there is a lot to do on these sites around 11-11. There are not only special discounts but also events like treasure hunts. The discounts can be timed and can also start during the run-up in the days before of the event. So it is definitely worth checking out the sites often during the period before and around 11 november.

What’s your number 1 must have during the 11.11 Biggest China Sales event of 2020?

We are looking for gadget deals, Xiaomi Zigbee IoT devices and Tuya products!
Are you looking for a specific product?
Search for it, add it to your cart and watch if the price drops this period, and if it does, buy it and save some money!

If you have any suggestions please drop a comment.

Popular Xiaomi products on aliexpress and banggood

Namemodelpicturebangood / gearbest
Aqara Bulb (ZNLDP12LM)ZNLDP12LMBanggood
Aqara Button (WXKG11LM)WXKG11LMBanggood
Aqara Cube (MFKZQ01LM)MFKZQ01LMBanggood
Aqara Curtain (ZNCLDJ11LM)ZNCLDJ11LMBanggood
Aqara Door Sensor (MCCGQ11LM)MCCGQ11LMBanggood
Aqara Double Wall Button (WXKG02LM)WXKG02LMBanggood
Aqara Motion Sensor (RTCGQ11LM)RTCGQ11LMBanggood
Aqara Opple Six Button (WXCJKG13LM)WXCJKG13LMBanggood
Aqara Relay (LLKZMK11LM)LLKZMK11LMBanggood
Aqara Roller Shade (ZNGZDJ11LM)ZNGZDJ11LMBanggood
Aqara Socket (QBCZ11LM)QBCZ11LMBanggood
Aqara Vibration Sensor (DJT11LM)DJT11LMBanggood
Aqara Wall Double Switch (QBKG03LM)QBKG03LMBanggood
Aqara Water Leak Sensor (SJCGQ11LM)SJCGQ11LMBanggood
IKEA Bulb E14  
Xiaomi Button (WXKG01LM)WXKG01LMBanggood
Xiaomi Door Sensor (MCCGQ01LM)MCCGQ01LMBanggood
Xiaomi Light Sensor (GZCGQ01LM)GZCGQ01LMBanggood
Xiaomi Motion Sensor (RTCGQ01LM)RTCGQ01LM 
Xiaomi Plug (ZNCZ02LM)ZNCZ02LM 
Xiaomi Plug EU (ZNCZ04LM)ZNCZ04LM 

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  1. i think should be useful add a column to show which hub is compatible… for example i have a xiaomi gateway v2 chinese plug… but i’m not sure if aquara is ok

  2. Hi fabrizio, the zigbee products at this page are almost all compatible with the v2. But maybe it’s helpful to check our zigbee articles to replace your gateway with an zigbee2mqtt stick then it doesn’t matter anymore because (almost) every brand product and version is compatible then.

  3. i have both but using them in two different zone in my
    house and in one of them i must use xiaomi gateway hut anyway thank ?

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