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2020 is over, and due to all circumstances it was a strange year! Time to focus on what’s coming in 2021. A year were we continue with smart home automation news and tutorials. And lots of (smart home) gadgets: a Dyson alternative, Xiaomi Winter Warm gloves, Daniu LS-XS Distance Meter and much more. So find read along to find out what is coming soon at Gadget-Freakz.


Smart home tutorials in 2021

In this year, we are going to help you to get your Smart Home system to the next level. Not only in functionality, but also setting a base that is more stable so your system will run longer, faster and better.

  • Getting your Smart Home system virtualised: Domoticz, Home Assistant and a lot of Docker containers in Proxmox at 1 Intel NUC.
  • Getting more out of your Smart Home. Advanced automations with: energy saving flows and automations, comfort and handy flows and automations.
  • Keeping your (Smart) Home safe: Build you own affordable smart alarm system.

Products reviews

At the 11-11 and Black Friday sales events of 2020 we purchased a nice set of gadgets and we are currently testing them. Reviews will be coming soon!

A Dyson alternative, is it that good?

Dyson is quality but the price is way to high! This Aliexpress version is much cheaper but can it be compared with the real Dyson? Is it also as quiet, strong and well designed?

Xiaomi Winter Warm gloves

Keeping your hands warm and still being able to control your phone?
Typical Xiaomi quality or a ordinary glove with just a premium brand label on it?

DANIU LS-XS Mini Laser Distance Meter with Bult-in Rechargeable Battery Waterproof, Dustproof and Fallproof Digital Laser Rangefinder – Red – 60M

The previous range finder I tested (duka) was still in used, but its portability became fatal for the device: i left it in my pants and it ended up in the washing machine. Result: a clean, but unfortunately dead device. Pro tip: always check your pockets before putting your trousers in the washing machine. So I ordered another range finder, this time from the brand Daniu. A little bit bigger (better readable screen, less likely to go into washign machine) and a better range, but also as precise as the Duka?

For the home workers

Jeeback G3 Electric Wireless Neck Massager TENS Pulse Relieve Neck Pain from 4 Head Vibrator Heating Cervical Massage Health Care

It looks like a torturing device, let’s hope it is not. Massage your neck with electric pulses.. Is that working good?

Xiaomi Mijia HD Webcam Smart Camera Web Camera…

If you have a screen with a thin bezel like me, the Logitech webcam is way too big and partly covers the top of my screen. This Xiaomi webcam can can be placed on top of a monitor with a thin bezel without blocking the screen.

Portable Foldable Height Adjustable Heat Dissipation Desktop Macbook Laptop Stand Holder
Place your laptop a little higher and use a seperate keyboard and mouse, it’s better for your body.

Smart Home related

Alldocube iPlay10 Pro 3GB RAM 32GB ROM MT8163 Quad Core A53 10.1 Inch Android 9.0 Tablet PC

Smart Home systems are easy to control, and there are plenty of options to control them through for example Google Assistant. But sometimes you want to have the interface available all the time. For this purpose I use a cheap tablet mounted on the wall. I can see the weather, our calendars, the status of my smart home and I can control everyone with the touch of one button. I Use this cheap tablet for Home Assistant with the app: Kiosk browser.

Moeshouse Tuya ZigBee3.0 Smart Radiator Actuator Programmable Thermostatic Radiator Valve Temperature Controller
Integration in zigbee2mqtt is easy. the price is low, so we had to order it!

Our favorite China Stores

In 2021 we still trying to search for new products and nice affordable gadgets.

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