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Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover Review


We finally got a new Xiaomi product to review. The Xiaomi Mijia Electric Lint Remover Portable Mini USB Fabric Shaver. The timing of arrival was great, because we had some clothes that could use this product. My wife was so happy, she confiscated the lint remover right after I finished this review. LOL 🙂



BrandXiaomi Mijia
NameXiaomi Mijia Fuzz Trimmer
Product modelMQXJQ01KL
Net weight213g
Product size145x62x65mm
Product colorWhite
Input parameters5V==1A
Rated voltageDC3.7V
Rated power2W
Executive standardGB 4706.1-2005
GB 4706.9 2008
GB 4343.1 2018


Is the lint remover powerful enough? Can it achieve the typical Xiaomi style and quality standard? And maybe the most important question: is it safe to use on your clothes?


Clean white package, what can I say about it?

What’s in the box?

Package Included:
Mijia Fuzz Trimmer,
Micro-USB Charging Line,
Cleaning Brush,

Features of the Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover

0.35mm thickened micro-arc steel mesh
Reasonably optimized mesh design, avoid pressing deformation, fit the clothes without damage.

5 blades cyclone floating head
Accurately grinding, improve shear effect, high efficiency shear.

Strong suction, avoid shaving dirty
With a negative pressure centrifugal fan blades design, so that the wool easily inhaled. P-shaped backflow proof wind duct design to prevent the reflow of fluff.

1300mAh lithium battery design
Quick charging in 2 hours can use the lint remover for 90 minutes. Equipped with USB charging interface, compatible with the market mainstream adapter, charging treasure, computer for charging.

Double protection, safe & convenient
Disassemble the trimmer head cover or open the fuzz bin, the lint remover machine will immediately power off, stop working, to avoid accidental injury.

Hidden indicator light
Electric quantity indicator lamp adopts hidden design, indicating machine working and electric quantity status, simple and beautiful.

Fuzz bin visible window design
Easy to check whether the fuzz in the bin needs to be cleaned, reduce the repeated opening to check.

Cleaning brush
Cleaning small brush has a long handle design, clean the small parts such as trimming head and fuzz bin more convenient.

Build Quality & Design

Design is apple’ish’ white and the window shows if you need to clean it. Simple but very effective. It does what it needs to do!


I can write a thousands words, but a little video gives a better impression about the Xiaomi Mijia Lint Remover. Used on my jacket, see the results below.



The lint remover is small and feels solid. Besides closes you can also use it on for couches.

Where to Buy?

We got this Item from Banggood, thanks for it!

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