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Xiaomi Mijia Home Electric Screwdriver Review


Xiaomi keeps releasing different types of products. In Europe, the brand is still mostly familiar for their Mi Phones. But in Asia, they launched much more types of devices like washing machines, Rubik’s cubes and even 4K televisions. Most of these Xiaomi branded products, are high quality and very well designed. Sometimes you even see a product that has the wow factor. This is the case with the new Xiaomi Mijia Electric screwdriver. It looks like a screwdriver from the future and therefor it was awarded an IF design award in 2019. But is it worth the price and does it do the job or does it just have the looks?



The specifications as can be found:

  • Max torque :5N.m
  • Rated power :3.6V
  • Non-load speed :200r/min
  • Charging time :120-180min
  • Screw bit mode: C6.3X25mm
  • Screwdriver Size: 124X130.5X42mm
  • Weight :350g(approx.)
  • Extension rod: 60mm
  • Screw bits:
    • PH1 / PH2 / PH3
    • H3 / H4 / H5
    • SL4 / SL6
    • ​T15 / T20 / T25
    • PZ2


First of all, I expect the Xiaomi Screwdriver to be a high quality product since it is a Xiaomi branded one. I hope the design did not cause any trade-offs on the utility and performance of the product. For example, regardless how beautiful it looks, you still need to be able to have a good grip when using the device. Overall, I really hope it is a great and complete product for in-home use, let’s find out if i’m right!


Package weight: 0.7840 kg
Package Size(L x W x H): 14.00 x 14.00 x 6.00 cm / 5.51 x 5.51 x 2.36 inches

What’s in the box?

The Chinese branded retail box of the Xiaomi Mijia Screwdriver contains the following:

  • Electric Screwdriver,
  • Storage Bag,
  • Chinese Manual,
  • Bits Box, with 12 x Bit (see the specs above for which ones)
  • An Extension Rod
  • Charging Cable
Xiaomi Mijia MJDDLSD001QW Home Electric Screwdriver with 12 Pieces S2 Case opened


The Xiaomi Mijia Home Electric Screwdriver has the following features:

  • 5N.m high torque, strong magnetic motor, large motor
  • Built-in 2000mAh large capacity Li-ion battery, type-c charging, cordless portable design
  • 12 x S2 steel high-quality bits with additional extension rod
  • Ring LED light, clear lighting


The screwdriver is light-weighted and can be used with one hand. But changing the direction cannot be done with one hand, normally you can use a button on a “old-fashion” screwdriver. Now you have to rotate the ring on the backside. I tested the screwdriver on some screws and it works very well, but I can’t test the strength at a professional way. The only thing I can say is that it’s powerful enough to build Ikea furniture, maintain you bike and every other screw task in and outside your home. The bit set has all the common bits you need.
I don’t test if this screwdriver is water resistant because I don’t dare, and the fact there is a charger opening at the bottom, I don’t think it is.

Build Quality & Design

The case is compact and solid, the box with bits is made of rubber and the bits are magnetic. Everything looks minimalistic and well designed. The bits are from S2 steel and so are high quality. The LED ring goes on when using the screwdriver and give enough light to see your object. Rotate the ring in the back to change between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation.

Portability / Mobility

The storage bag is only 16x16x6 cm big and so is therefore very portable. But the electric screwdriver itself is also very lightweight and small. There is no special rubber grip attached but it’s small enough to have a good grip and it feels comfortable in hand.


The Xiaomi screwdriver is cordless and can be charged with USB-C which is a great feature. But the cord is only 20 centimeter long and you need a charger which is not included.

Where to buy?

Xiaomi Mijia MJDDLSD001QW Home Electric Screwdriver with 12 Pieces S2 Bits
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price


Xiaomi Mijia MJDDLSD001QW is an Electric Screwdriver with a typical Xiaomi design and quality. You have to see for yourself if you need to have the most beautiful electric screwdriver, or that you need one that just functions well. Nevertheless, it is very compact and comes well equipped, with a 12 piece bit set, extension rod and carrying case. This electric screwdriver is a safe bet and is very suitable for most of your DIY chores.


  • Works well, is powerfull enough for most DIY tasks.
  • Charges via USB-C
  • Comes with LED light
  • Well equiped with 12 bit set and nice storage case.


  • Over-designed.

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