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Whats coming next on gadget-freakz?


We from Gadget Freaks are always looking for the best gadgets. Gearbest celebrates their fifth anniversary and our site celebrates its first year. In one year we reviewed almost 100 items and published some general articles, interviews and tutorials for domoticz and home assistant. But we just getting started! And we will keep you updated of what is coming next. If your are in need of more info or prefer that we write about an item earlier let us know!

The images are directly linking to the Gearbest product pages for now, but when we publish the articles we will change the links.


Ninebot Segway ES2

Our first electrical scooter is the one from Ninebot and Segway. A real eye-cather.

Ninebot Segway ES2 3

Alfawise M1 Folding Electric Scooter

This Alfawise is a re-branded clone of the Xiaomi m365. One of the most produced and popular scooters of this moment. But is this clone worth the money?

Electric scooter comparison

Which of the two electric scooters is the best? or the best bang for the buck?
We wil race against each other and write about the weight, batteries, materials used, features, usage etc etc.

Sorbo usb battery

Everyone needs batteries and everyone has tons of usb chargers. So when you combine this to needs, you are in need of this usb batteries of Sorbo. Charge them in a charger like a zanflare or use every USB port/charger you want.

Xiaomi Umbrella

Here in Holland a good umbrella is indispensable. It’s maybe one of the few items of Xiaomi that isn’t smart, has no Bluetooth or WiFi but lets find out it is worth the few dollars. And let’s hope we do not need this item on a daily base.

Alfawise u30 3d printer

Since our first 3dprinter we are hooked to thingiverse with their free models that we can print. But the Alfawise u20 was in need of some improvements and was quite big. that’s the reason we upgraded to the u30 model. This model is a little more compact, and we hope to find out whether it is a worthy successor of the u20.

Sennheiser CX 400 – II Precision Bass-driven In-ear Canal Earbuds Earphones

You have still a 3m jack plug in your device and don’t want to spend too much on airpods from Apple? Sennheiser stand for a stable high quality and affordable airphones. Old fashioned with a cable 🙂

Lifesmart Creative Geometry Shape Assembly Night Lamp for Home

Fan of the Philips Aurora? We think this can be a much cheaper alternative. You can connect and stack multiple units and control them via Bluetooth. Be creative with it and you can do a lot of funny stuff with it. Check the examples on Gearbest.com

Houzetek PP001 Smart Pet Feeder

A gadget that would be awesome when you own a cat but want to go on holidays. It automates one of my daily tasks. and a funny feature: it has an integrated IP camera which can be controlled via an app. So now you can spy on Tiger from all over the world.

Alfawise ZS – GX4S 1080P IP66 Waterproof Full Metal Body Outdoor IP Camera – White

The first real smart home product in this list :). Seems to be a solid product at a friendly price. We would figure out if and how it can be integrated in Domoticz or Home assistant.

Of course we will give Smart home related articles attention:

  • Presence detection in Home Assistant with the new persons feature.
  • A Intel NUC to run virtual Home Automation platforms like Domoticz and Home Assistant
  • Domoticz and Home Assistant news and new featured.

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