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The best Home Assistant Addons and repos of 2023


Home Assistant has two ways to extend it capabilities: custom components through HACS and Addons. Components are Front-end for integrations inside Home Assistant for example new hardware support and new Lovelace cards.
Addons allow users to extend the functionality around Home Assistant by installing additional applications. Addons are Docker containers that runs outside Home Assistant and are not effected by a restart of Home Assistant. Think of applications that you can run in a docker container, but now configuration logging and accessing it from Home Assistant.

Great Default Home Assistant addons

Home Assistant has a number of addons that are officially supported, and are by default included in the addon store. But some advanced addons will only be visible after you opt-in to “Advanced Mode” which can be changed on your user profile page.


Beside the default addons you can add repositories. Repositories (or repos in short) are places on Github from other contributors that contain extra addons. Those are not supported by the core Home Assistant developers and maintained by volunteers around the world.

The best third party Home Assistant repositories

These repositories are all free and some of them contains lots of great addons. I am not going to list every addon inside every repo, because some developers are very active and I cannot maintain this list very active. So that a look at every repo to see what’s inside.

This is a place on the Home Assistant community forum where addon developers shows their work. A great location for you to check for new addons and repositories.

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  • Dasshio 
    Easily use your Amazon Dash Buttons.
  • Dropbox Sync 
    Upload your backup snapshots to Dropbox. Because two backups are better that less than two backups.
  • Home Panel 
    A touch-compatible Web Frontend addon for controlling the home.
  • Hass.io Google Drive Backup 
    A complete and easy to configure solution for backing up your snapshots to Google Drive. (Yes, I really love my backups).

I hope that people who develop new addons, use existing Github repos like Alexbelgium, so that that is one place for all great stuff.

Have you a repo or addon that is missing in the list above, please let us know!

  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Home-Automation compatibility
  • Price

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