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Makita compatible 18V 3-in-1 Cordless Drill and Screwdriver Review


Like every do-it-yourself-enthusiast, I love my power tools. And especially the tools from the brand Makita. But every Makita tool you buy cuts a big hole in your DIY-job budget. Luckily, there are Makita compatible products sold in the China shops. They look and feel like a Makita product and are compatible with the accessories and batteries. However, they have another brand and do not come in a fancy Makita box. But are they as powerful and good enough for your DIY jobs? Let’s find out with the 18V Cordless Impact Drill we found on Banggood!



The Cordless Drill has the brand Lydian on it, but this not mentioned in the product specification. The specs that can be found on Banggood are:

  • Name: Cordless Impact Drill
  • Adapted to 18V Makita battery
  • Color: blue+black
  • Max. Torque: 25-90Nm
  • No Load Speed: 0-450r/min, 0-1500r/min
  • Chuck Size:13mm
  • Flat drill function/Hammer function and a Screwdriver. A real 3-in-1.


Don’t expect a nice plastic storage case, but the Makita compatible Cordless Drill comes in a bubble plastic wrap.

What’s in the box?

The package includes the Cordless Impact Drill and a manual. Important to know: The Cordless Drill requires but does not include batteries. Check the complementary products further down this review for a suitable battery for this device.


The features of this Cordless Drill as stated on Banggood:

  • Delivers up to 25-90N.m of torque and 1500RPM of speed
  • 20+3 stage settings, delivers 20 torque settings and a drill mode for high precision working
  • 1/2″ keyless three-jaw drill chuck for quick and simple bit replacement, holding up to 13mm bit
  • 0-450RPM and 0-1500RPM 2-speed variable, for a wide range of applications
  • With in LED working light, provides illumination in dark spaces as you work
  • 3in1 forward / reverse / lock switch, support forward / reverse driving and safe locking


The first test case for this product came when I installed a boiling water tap in my kitchen. First, I had to drill a few holes into the kitchen wall with the hammering function and after that I used it to put the screws into the plugs that I placed the wall. I was wondering about the hammering function but I was surprised how smooth it was. No problem at all. Screwing was also not a real problem but after a few screws my arm was a little bit tired due to the weight.

Build Quality & Design

In the photo below you see my original Makita (without hammering function) and my new compatible Cordless Drill. Placing the battery goes very smooth. Next to that, the rubber parts feels similar to the Makita. This of course eventually can change over time after some wear and tear. I haven’t opened the drill to compare the internals of the two.

Portability / Mobility

Due to the 3-in-1 functions this product is quite heavy. So this feature is also a downside. For assembling Ikea furniture it can be too heavy and easier to use some less powerfull and more compact alternatives.

Usability of the Cordless Impact Drill

The fact that the Cordless Drill has three functions is great. So when building garden furniture it is convenient to drill a hole, switch to screwing and finish it without changing devices. What I noticed is the amount of power the device has: it comes definitely close to the real Makita devices, and it is more than sufficient for your average DIY job. What I mentioned before was the weight of the device: manufacturers are putting a lot of effort in making the new generations of power tools as light and ergonomic as possible. The cordless drill is on the heavy side and when using it all day you will eventually start to feel it.

Complementary Products / Alternatives

makita compatible 18V 3 In 1 Cordless Impact Drill
  • Design
  • Quality
  • Usability
  • Price


When you already have some 18v makita batteries this products is a very good choice. Powerful and comes with a good price. I already own some Makita drills and screwdrivers but I can’t tell you the real difference in terms of power.

For such a low price you can’t expect a systainer and battery. But when You purchase these items separately you still save some money!

If you only want to buy this product only as screwdriver I think you can better look for another version without the hammering function. That means you find a much lighter product.



  • Makita compatible
  • Powerful
  • Drill function, Hammer function, Screwdriver function
  • Good price


  • Heavy
  • No belt clip (but I normally never used it)
  • No brushless motor

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