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Will 2021 be the best year for Tuya and Home Assistant?



Tuya Smart home platform

Tuya and Home Assistant have been working together well, but very limited. The ‘Powered by Tuya’-logo is showing up on more and more Smart Home products. This means that the Tuya platform is expanding and it means the product can be used with the Tuya and Smartlife app and also with SmartThings and IFTTT, as well as all the popular voice assistants: Apple Homekit, Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Tuya is at the moment the biggest IOT company, with more than 5000 different brands and more then 100 000+ products and it is still growing! Tuya started with Wifi devices but today there are lots of BLE and zigbee hubs that are working with Tuya.

We have discussed the Tuya platform and the Smart Life app before (tuya article), but we were a bit sceptic about the Tuya platform network. Reasons were the discontinued support of IFTTT, the announced limitations of the API access for developers and the lack of support to run your setup locally. However, there seems to be a large shift in direction that changes the smart home proposition and especially Tuya and your smart home system. Read along!

Where to buy smart home products that works with Tuya?

We already made a post with some suggested and Tuya support products with different product, you can find it here. But you don’t have to order Tuya product abroad anymore, you can often buy Tuya in your local outlets. In the Netherlands you can buy products at the Lidl, Action, Hema etc. All white labeled products that use the Tuya platform. But the biggest platform to buy smart devices is still AliExpress. Often te products are still a bit cheaper compared the ones in the local outlet.

Tuya and Home Assistant

Tuya and Home Assistant already worked together, but there was a lot of room for improvement. Home Assistant has developed an official Tuya integration that now can be used for a few device types. Besides that, their are some custom integrations and methods, so you can even use Tuya products locally without the need to run them in the Tuya cloud. These methods are all outdated, complicated and not officially supported by Tuya.

But here comes the great news: Tuya and Home assistant are partnering up now!
Tuya developed their official Tuya v2 integration. Currently this is still a custom integration that is still in a beta phase and can be installed with HACS. But with the help of the Home Assistant developers, the idea is to replace the current official integration. That means that Tuya get support officially both on on the Home Assistant and the Tuya side, and there is no longer the need for components or difficult procedures to get all the Tuya functionalities in Home Assistant.
The second thing that is awesome is the fact Tuya has announced that they are planning to support offline mode!! An internet connection to the cloud is still needed authenticate once and get the device info, but after that Internet is not needed anymore for connect to the Tuya cloud. So everything can be run locally, which means you can control you Tuya devices even when the Tuya service or your internet connection is down! Tuya and Home Assistant become an even better combination, since Home Assitant can run the local instance of the Tuya platform 🙂


Get Tuya devices into Home assistant

An always up to date how-to-guide is written by the Tuya team: https://github.com/tuya/tuya-home-assistant

It covers the two things you have to do for now (that could be changed when officially integrated):

  1. Tuya-IoT-Platform-Configuration
  2. Install-Tuya-v2

Tuya Beta Test Program
Tuya IoT Platform

Tuya v2 Custom integration

Custom means that Tuya developed the custom component, but with help of the Home Assistant developers this become deprecated over time and all the Tuya and Home Assistant work will be integrated in Home assistant without extras.

The future of Tuya!

Moving from the custom component repository (HACS) to the official integrations is a great step forward.

But moving from cloud dependency to local supported is maybe even bigger!

Because Tuya supports so many brands and type of products not every category is supported (yet) at the moment. Check what is already supported officially: https://github.com/tuya/tuya-home-assistant/wiki/Supported-Device-Category

Tuya Beta Test Program
Tuya IoT Platform

A small selection of Tuya products

Smart Measuring

AliExpress.com Product – WiFi Smart Power Meter Switch Power Consumption Energy Monitoring Meter 110V 220V Din Rail Smart Life/Tuya App Remote Control



AliExpress.com Product – E14 E27 LED Lamp RGBW Bulb Tuya App wifi Remote Control Smart Bulb 6W RGB LED bulb work with Alexa Echo google home Apple siri


AliExpress.com Product – Lonsonho 2PCS E27 Tuya Wifi Smart Light LED Bulb Lamp RGB+W+C 9W Smart Life App Timer Dimmer Compatible Alexa Google Home


AliExpress.com Product – GU10 WiFi Smart LED Bulbs RGBW C+W White 4.5W Dimmable Lamps Smart Life Tuya Remote Control Light Bulbs Work with Alexa/Google

LED Strips

link naar onze reeds geteste blitzwolf


smart socket plugs



AliExpress.com Product – Tuya Smart 1080P HD WiFi IP Camera with Pan-Tilt Zoom Two Way Audio Baby Care Amazon Alexa Google Home Voice Video Control


AliExpress.com Product – Tuya Wifi Smart Video Doorbell 1080P Support Google home Amazon Alexa Chromecast Voice Control Smart Life Doorbell Cloud Camera

Contact Sensors

AliExpress.com Product – KERUI WIFI Door & Window Wireless contact sensor with Tuya Smart Home Seucirty Door Gate Entry Compatible with Alexa

Motion Sensors

AliExpress.com Product – tuya smart life wifi Infrared Security Alarm PIR detector motion infrared sensor support google home Amazon Alexa voice control

Water Leakage

AliExpress.com Product – WIFI Leakage Sensor Smart Home Overflow Security Alarm Water Detector Tuya Smart Life APP Control Intelligent House

Gas leakage

AliExpress.com Product – Home Security System Tuya/Smart Life APP WiFi Smart Gas Leakage Fire Security Detector Gas Combustible Alarm Sensor Dropshipping

gas/water valves

AliExpress.com Product – Tuya Alexa Google Home IFTTT Smart Wireless Control Gas Water Valve Smart Life WiFi Sensor linkage Shut OFF Controller AliExpress.com Product – NEO Coolcam Temperature Humidity Alarm Sensor Wifi Siren Tuya Compatiable With Echo Google Home Assistant



AliExpress.com Product – AVATTO Tuya WiFi Smart Thermostat, Electric floor Heating Water/Gas Boiler Temperature Remote Controller for Google Home, Alexa

Curtain track

AliExpress.com Product – Smart Tuya ZigBee 3.0 Radiator Actuator Thermostat Temperature Controller for RA RAV RAVL adapter Amazon alexa Voice Control


AliExpress.com Product – Smart Household Air Humidifier Wifi Wireless Aroma Essential Oil Diffuser Tuya/life APP Compatible With Amazon Alexa Google Home


gas/water valves

AliExpress.com Product – EWAY CASA Alexa&Google Home Tuya Motorized WiFi Curtain Track Automatic Electric Curtain Track Smart Home CM_DSTUYA_TRACK1.2N

roller blind motor kit

AliExpress.com Product – 35mm Tubular Motor Roller Blinds Shutter Motor 110V 220V Electirc Smart Wifi Curtain Motorized Rolling Blinds Tuya Smart Home Windows opener AliExpress.com Product – Window Opener with WiFi Switch Alexa Google Home TUYA APP Enable Timer Fenster Remote Control

Chain Roller Blinds

AliExpress.com Product – AVATTO Smart Motorized Chain Roller Blinds,Tuya WiFi Remote Voice Control Shade Shutter Drive Motor Work With Alexa/Google home


smart irigation system

AliExpress.com Product – Tuya Wifi Intelligent SmartControl Garden Irrigation Kit System Controller Automatic Watering Irrigate With solenoid valve

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