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Baseus Milky Way 15W Electric Bracket Wireless Charger Review

When driving my car I need to have my smartphone mounted in a holder. Not only it is required by law, but...

GUB PLUS 6 Cell Phone Holder for Motorcycles & Bikes review

GUB PLUS 6 Cell Phone Holder for Motorcycle Bicycle Bike Using your smartphone while driving a vehicle is never a good idea, but sometimes you...

Multi Lens Set for Smartphone

Multi Lens Set for Smartphone Intro During my continues search for gadgets at a reasonable price I stumbled upon a Multi Lens Set for smartphones. I...

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Review of the BlitzWolf BW-GC5 Gaming Chair for home workers or gamers

BlitzWolf BW-GC5 Gaming Chair with an ergonomic Design is affordable and bring the comfort you need while gaming or working!

ZZH! A zigbee 3 stick based on CC2652R

zig-a-zig-ah! zzh! in short is a USB Zigbee dongle based on the Ti new generation CC2652R chip. Zigbee 3 with a great range and so powerful that it can handles over 100+ zigbee devices. In a premium casing with small external antenna. It can be flashed with the zigbee2mqtt firmware without the need of external devices.

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